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Stylist Spotlight: How To Recession Proof Your Wardrobe

Hey Glamazons,
Shopper’s withdrawal. A condition affecting several young women like me, who were living the lavish life—hitting Forever 21 weekly, splurging at Saks, making afternoon trips to Soho—before the Recession. Now that the economy has taken a nosedive, afflicted women are suffering from such horrible symptoms as…avoiding the malls like the plague, fighting the urge to buy a new dress as they walk hurriedly by H&M or worse, trying on ten pairs of shoes at Nine West only to walk out discouraged and empty-handed.
Accomplished stylist, Dawn Del Russo, has found the cure. The owner of online boutique, Del Russo has been featured everywhere from In Style to Real Simple, and has an amazing “How-To” book scheduled for release this Winter, chockfull of style tips and advice.
Fab Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo
In the meantime, she is sharing a few of her expert tips with The Glamazons on how to make the most of your wardrobe during tough times:

  • Avoid Wire Hangers – They may rust, leave stains, tear clothing and leave embarrassing dents in the shoulders. Padded and rounded hangers are best. (Cheat Tip: wrap tissue around your hangers. It will preserve the shape in shoulders and preventing unsightly creases and droopy.)
  • Fold your Knits- Knitted garments are sensitive so keep them folded. Remember: fold them a little differently each time so they will not develop creases.
  • Life of your Clothing – Separate laundry by color. Try a specialty detergent like “The Laundress,” who carries a line of detergents for whites darks & denim, and colors. The better you care for your garments, the longer they will last and less you have to purchase.
  • Re-Invent Clothing – Take a long skirt and turn it into a belted dress with a long sleeve top underneath.
  • Re-work Jewelry- Find old pieces from your great grandmother’s jewelry box, attach a bold brooch to and old chain and connect 2 bracelets to make a necklace.
  • Shop Smart- Online, you can find some of the best sales around with the lowest discounts, free shipping and gift give-a-ways. Why not take advantage of the slow market?

I personally love the Re-Invent Clothing and Re-Work Jewelry tips! As every Glamazon knows, you can make vintage and inexpensive pieces look like a million bucks by styling it the right way. And fortunately for us, is hooking every fashionista up with her own personal celebrity stylist—for as little as $20. It’s called “Stylist on Call,” and here’s how it works:
With Stylist on Call, you can get instant feedback on your ensemble or expert fashion advice from accomplished stylist, Dawn Del Russo. Available for appointment everyday from 7:30am-11pm, Dawn can give style tips through live webcam interaction or answer questions via phone, email or instant messenger.

Here’s to staying fab in the recession!