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GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce’s New High-Fashion Ads for House of Dereon

A faraway location. A gorgeous, flowing dress. A striking hairstyle. Beyonce pulled out all the high-fashion stops for her latest ad campaign for House of Dereon

Shot against a volcano in Santorini, Greece, Beyonce wears a flowing, green watercolor halter dress and a fuschia mini strapless dress with a side ruffle.

I live for her pompadour, but the fit of the fuschia dress seems all wrong! House of Dereon isn’t known for their construction, but to attempt an avante garde look, the fabric and fit of the garment must be immaculate. 

The shots of her flowing green dress are stunning. The chiffon dress boasts embroidery around the neckline and a majestic watercolor print that mirrors the land. Just beautiful. P.S. As a dancer, I find her leap with the mountains and sea in the background beyond breathtaking.

She also posed in more casual, everyday clothes for the campaign, wearing a gray blazer flanked with studs and heavy metal chains. In her signature over-the-top fashion, Beyonce wore a studded bracelet, a short denim studded skirt, smoky eyes and a shaggy blonde bang to complete the look. I’m on board—especially since for Fall, gray is the new black. Ow!

What do you think of the new ads, Glamazons? Glam or a Sham?




Sex Sells, but is T.I.’s Clothing Ad Taking it Too Far?

What does simulated oral sex have to do with jeans?

Everything, according to T.I.’s clothing brand, AKOO. Their advertisement, which graces a billboard in Newark, New Jersey (woot! woot! Sorry, Jersey girl moment), depicts a woman pulling down a man’s AKOO jeans, with his hand lovingly dictating what she should do with her head. Sigh.

There’s been nothing short of an uproar among Jersey residents about the explicit nature of the ad. Even the mayor spoke up, but his gripe wasn’t about the simulation, it was about the jeans sagging off the male model’s behind…umm, so simulated oral sex in tight jeans is better?

Anyway, I do agree that the ad is not something I’d want my impressionable, pre-pubescent cousin to see while out and about in Newark.

But as we all know, billboard sex is all too common in the high-end fashion world, with Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana being repeat offenders. They make AKOO’s ad look tame. Check out some jaw-dropping risque ads below (NSFW).

Implied gang rape at Dolce & Gabbana.

Simulated orgy at Calvin Klein.

Eva Mendes’ boobs at Calvin Klein.

Pretend Masturbation at Emanuel Ungaro.

Simulated oral sex again at Puma.

Yes, I guess it catches your eye when you’re stuck in traffic on a city street. But is it socially responsible to put these offensive ads out there? 

And what in the world does it have to do with clothes? Sex sells, yes, but vulgarity won’t encourage me to purchase a pair of jeans. Thoughts?

UPDATE: T.I.’s ad has been taken down from the billboard in Newark. Do you think removing the ad is excessive or understandable?



Ad Glam: Giuseppe Zanotti, I Heart You!


I live for these sandals. Giuseppe Zanotti has created the most amazing animal print shoes that are so hot they’re bursting in flames, literally. Lovelovelove!

Check their new ad which is a salute to the very best trends of the season—a denim, leather, neon, animal print lovefest! And who better to rock the look than fashion darling, model Anja Rubik?

…and though I was hesitant to accept Cassie as a fashion maven, I have to give her the Glam seal of approval for her outfit at the SoBe Summer Friday finale.

I’m loving the rock star meets Bam-Bam look in the ripped “RIP YSL” cold shoulder top and animal print sandals.

What do you think about the ad (and those amazing shoes!)? Are you feeling Cassie’s new look? Can we call her a trendsetter yet? Discuss.



Ad Glam: Ne-Yo in Alfani Red for Macy’s

Confession: when I first heard Ne-Yo would be the spokesperson for Macy’s Alfani Red line, I was skeptical. Though his ever-present fedora adds (slightly) to his fashion credibility, in my opinion, he lacks the innate style and fashion point-of-view of a Kanye, Pharrell or Andre 3000. That is to say he looks like a rerun of Micheal Jackson in Smooth Criminal or the “Rat Pack,” (as he likens himself to in interviews) but cannot claim a distinct look of his own.

The unveiling of the black and white ads yesterday at the Metropolitan Pavilion, however, left me pleasantly surprised. Alfani Red and Ne-Yo fit together as seamlessly as Ne-Yo’s tailored black suit (he looked very dapper…so much so the fedora didn’t annoy me). Alfani Red’s new collection brings youth and modernity to the sharp, sophisticated ‘Rat Pack’ suits of the past and in his brilliant music and timeless style, Ne-Yo aims to do the same. Boasting an impeccable fit and signature red stitching, the collection, which Ne-Yo describes as “bold and sleek,” ranges from $49-325. What struck me specifically was the silhouette – the suits taper slightly at the waist and the streamlined look elongates. Truly, it looks stunning on but don’t take my word for it – see for yourself.

At the event, Ne-Yo made it clear why he is the face of the brand, charming fashion favorites and photographers and even doing the moonwalk between poses. The year of the gentleman, indeed.

His suave demeanor and affinity for the spotlight were captured brilliantly in the ads by Walter Chin who shot the singer/songwriter in Prague. The unveiling of these ads mark the beginning of a one-year deal with Ne-Yo and the Alfani Red line for Macy’s.

What do you think of the ads? Do you think Ne-Yo was the right choice for spokesperson? Will you shop the collection?