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GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce’s New High-Fashion Ads for House of Dereon

A faraway location. A gorgeous, flowing dress. A striking hairstyle. Beyonce pulled out all the high-fashion stops for her latest ad campaign for House of Dereon

Shot against a volcano in Santorini, Greece, Beyonce wears a flowing, green watercolor halter dress and a fuschia mini strapless dress with a side ruffle.

I live for her pompadour, but the fit of the fuschia dress seems all wrong! House of Dereon isn’t known for their construction, but to attempt an avante garde look, the fabric and fit of the garment must be immaculate. 

The shots of her flowing green dress are stunning. The chiffon dress boasts embroidery around the neckline and a majestic watercolor print that mirrors the land. Just beautiful. P.S. As a dancer, I find her leap with the mountains and sea in the background beyond breathtaking.

She also posed in more casual, everyday clothes for the campaign, wearing a gray blazer flanked with studs and heavy metal chains. In her signature over-the-top fashion, Beyonce wore a studded bracelet, a short denim studded skirt, smoky eyes and a shaggy blonde bang to complete the look. I’m on board—especially since for Fall, gray is the new black. Ow!

What do you think of the new ads, Glamazons? Glam or a Sham?




Fashion Week EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes Video of Marc Bouwer Fall 2010

Marc Bouwer is more than a designer; he’s a visionary. The talent behind red-carpet gowns for Beyonce’, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Rihanna, Bouwer is the first designer to ever host a virtual runway show. Now, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Isaac Mizrahi are all following suit. (Sidenote: I got an invite to Isaac Mizrahi’s show this season! Super excited!).

Marc Bouwer is also a pioneer in his passionate campaign against animal cruelty. In 2002, he was the first designer to present a collection completely devoid of animal products. The groundbreaking collection was sponsored by PETA, who later honored Bouwer with the PETA Humanitarian award. 

I was honored to land an exclusive invite to the taping of Marc Bouwer’s Fall 2010 virtual runway show. Famous for his eye for detail and sophisticated draping techniques, Bouwer has been one of my favorite glamorous, red-carpet designers. And let’s face it, he has amazing hair.

Between dressing Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel, and chatting with the director, Carl Byrd, Marc took a moment to speak with me about the inspiration behind his Fall 2010 collection (chocolate!), his affinity for faux fur and the young, sexy starlet he’d love to dress.

Check out our behind-the-scenes video and read the full interview below. Don’t forget to visit on February 18th at 9AM EST for a front-row seat to the debut of Bouwer’s stunning collection.

Coutura: What was your inspiration for the new collection?

Marc Bouwer:  I envisioned a beautiful woman wearing these avante garde clothes walking through a celestial universe and thinking about a past lover. The colors were inspired by a velvet box with a burgundy ribbon that you open up and inside are chocolates in metallic wrappers, hence the jewel tones, the turquoises, purples, burgundies, golds and silvers. Then you unwrap them and there’s this gorgeous, dark chocolate. It’s a rich, sensual experience.

Coutura: Chocolate and lovers? Sounds perfect. I see metallic is a strong theme in this collection, which is different than what you’ve shown before. In what other ways is Fall 2010 different than your previous collections?

MB: A little more avante garde and futuristic. Fashion is moving in that direction but it’s not just about padded shoulders. It’s all about extending the sleeve—a tight silhouette with explosions in the neck, the sleeves, the hip or the back, in architectural angles. And now that I have three different lines [his eponymous line, the moderately-priced Marc Bouwer GlamIt! and M by Marc Bouwer, a line on QVC], I can afford to be more experimental and spend a little more money with my Marc Bouwer Collection line.

Coutura: You’re adept at changing with the times and the virtual runway show is an example of that. Why did you choose to host a virtual show instead of a traditional show?

MB: We were the first to have a virtual show because I wanted to give the whole world a front row seat: school kids, mothers, editors and celebrities. [Traditional shows have] become a celebrity circus and I’m not so concerned about getting celebrities to my show—they wear my clothes. I want everyone to see it. The disadvantage to putting on a live show during Fashion Week is that it’s very expensive, costing $300,000 and more; and editors and journalists can’t always make it.

Coutura: You’re also a pioneer when it comes to anti-fur activism and I’m really proud of what you’ve accomplished, including your PETA humanitarian award. Fur is a huge trend on the runway this season. How are you combating that and offering an alternative in your collection?

MB: People need to become aware of the process: when animals are killed to make fur, their skin is ripped off of them while they’re still alive and they’re thrown in corners to die. If you want that look, technology has given us a way to recreate it. I have a faux fox jacket in my latest collection. To spread awareness, I always speak out at interviews and to celebrities.

Coutura: Speaking of celebrities, Beyonce looked gorgeous in your dress at the launch party for ‘Heat.’

MB: Thank you. She’s beautiful. She also wore one of my dresses in Paris.

Coutura: You’ve dressed so many beautiful ladies, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker. What celebrity would you like to dress that you haven’t yet?

MB: I’ve worked with so many. Even the young girls like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. I’d say Megan Fox. And I always wanted to dress Nicole Kidman and finally, we did.

Coutura: Congratulations! I love Nicole. Well, I’m sure celebrities and editors will fall in love with this new collection. Thank you for speaking with us.

MB: My pleasure, thank you for coming. 

Don’t miss the show: Marc Bouwer Fall 2010 airing February 18th at 9AM EST on

Beyonce Heats Up Union Square With Fragrance Launch Party

Hey Glamazons! The creme de la creme of the beauty world mingled alongside our fave songtress Beyonce last night at Union Square for the launch party of Bey’s first fragrance, Heat.

Everything was decked in red (including Beyonce who wore a cute little flouncy dress by Marc Bouwer) and at some points felt like maybe you were in the pits of a nicely fragranced, celeb studded hell. Little sis Solange was on deck as the DJ and other celebs that showed up to show support included Usher, Michelle Williams, Sherri Shepherd, mom Tina (daddy Matt was nowhere to be found) and of course, the huz Jay-Z (who so cutely declared his love for Bey when asked what he thought about the new fragrance!)
Have any of you purchased Heat yet? If so, let us know what you think!
Beyonce and Michelle Williams. Um, is it just me or does Michelle look crazy?! I was NOT feeling this look on her….
Beyonce and her lil’ sis Solange pause for a photo at the DJ booth
Beyonce and Usher
Beyonce and her mom, Tina Knowles
The venue at Union Square. It looked really strange from the outside if you didn’t know what was going on inside lol

GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce at the Grammys

It’s nearly impossible to make Beyonce look less than beautiful.

That said, her Stephanie Rolland nude hip-hugging dress was pretty, but it didn’t wow me. I appreciate that she shifted it into neutral with the nude hue, which is another huge trend.

The silhouette, however, was predictable (note: I’m guilty of the same thing; if it looks flattering on your body, embrace it!). The mermaid style gown is a Beyonce staple and I’m sure her stylist feels, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. True, but maybe switch it up every…I don’t know…decade?

Also, don’t hate me stans, I don’t know how to feel about a zipper-front dress on a red carpet. It’s a detail that has become a club staple; a glamorous fixture for a gown at a fancy awards show? Not so much.

I do adore the Egyptian theme (what’s more stunning than an Egyptian queen) weaved into the texture of the gown and reinforced with Beyonce’s bold, ornate hoops. Now, that’s gorgeous.

On to the more interesting looks, Beyonce’s performance dress (yes, I said dress, not leotard) was as electrifying as her rendition of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.” Check the performance video below.

Nothing thrills me more than a darling silhouette (strapless dress with flared skirt bottom) created from rocker metal and studs. Well, Beyonce’s “Dutty Wine” dance move—on her knees (!)—was also pretty exciting.

Love the studded peeptoe boots and tough luxe cuff too!

Later during the show, Beyonce changed into an embroidered, studded and jeweled dress with a plunging neckline and rising shoulders that would have made Micheal Jackson proud. (Seen here with Celine Dion, a part of the beautiful tribute to Michael).

After thoroughly enjoying the show with her husband, Jay-Z (whom she told ‘I love you’ while accepting an award), and nephew, Julez (who Uncle Jay brought onstage during his acceptance speech), Beyonce took home six Grammys, including Song of the Year for ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)’ and pop vocal performance of the year for ‘Halo.’

Miss B set a record for most Grammy awards won by a female artist on one show. Now that’s GLAM.

What’s the verdict, Glamazons? Did we love the Stephanie Rolland dress? Did we expect more, or something fresh, from the Pop Queen? What do we think of her other looks? Glam or a Sham?

GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce ‘Heats’ Up the TV Screen for Fragrance Commercial

We read what Ferocia thought about Beyonce’s first fragrance, ‘Heat’ licensed by Coty. But with this commercial, does it even matter what it smells like? After the men finishing drooling and the ladies finish practicing the moves in the mirror in their favorite silk red dress, they will undoubtedly run to Macy’s to purchase the fragrance.

What’s more? To kick off the launch of ‘Heat,’ Beyonce will illuminate Union Square on February 2nd with a fiery red light and smoky fog, giving the city an aura that matches her sensual appeal. The lighting will serve as a backdrop to her super exclusive launch party for all her friends in media and entertainment.

On February 3rd, it’s all about the fans. Beyonce will make a personal appearance at Macy’s Herald Square, where the first customers to purchase the Beyonce Heat 3-piece fragrance set will get the chance to meet and pose with the pop icon. I can see the line of uncontrollable stans forming in my head, clamoring to touch the hem of her House of Dereon garment. 

Both events will be chaotic enough to usher in the launch of the ‘Heat’ fragrance in true Sasha Fierce fashion. 

What do we think of the commercial, Glamazons? It’s superhot, that kind of play after 11pm with a parental advisory disclaimer hot. Is it too seductive for her super-clean image (cue her 20/20 interview airing in full today before the Grammy’s)? [My boo said he forgot what she was selling: fragrance or…something else.] Or is it irresistibly sexy in a way only Beyonce can get away with?

What’s the verdict? Glam or a sham?

Top Five Fashion Fails of 2009

Hey Glamazons,

While 2009 was the year of affordable designer collaborations and tough-luxe style, it also brought us hammer pants, nipple pasties and designs from Lindsey Lohan (scary!!).

Now that the year has come to a close, we’re nominating the Top Five Fashion Fails of 2009 that MUST be left behind. All disobedient readers of this post won’t make it past the end of January. Yes, that is a threat.

FASHION FAIL #1 – Skinny Jeans for Men

Yes – baggy jeans died with gangster rap in the 90’s but that shouldn’t mean that men can parade around in stretch jeans with 5% lycra. There’s no valid reason that your jeans should be tighter than a Kim Kardashian dress.

A fitted look (not too baggy, not too tight) is ideal. Here’s the test: If you can’t get into your jeans without shimmying or sitting on the bed to pull yourself in, you have failed at life.

Besides the obvious hygiene issue (I mean isn’t breathability a necessity for you guys?), it’s unfair for me to have to pretend like you don’t notice me noticing the unsightly bulge threatening to bust through all that lycra for a breath of fresh air.

And if skinny jeans for women look best with stilettos—because they make your feet appear smaller, how do you think you look with the boat-sized, giant shoes you pair with your skinnies? Please do better. FAIL.

FASHION FAIL #2 – Harem Pants

Wearing harem pants didn’t make you look exotic, fashion-forward or sensual. You looked like you had an adult diaper sewn into the seat of your pants and wore them with a purse and stilettos.

We tried to give you advice, but you wouldn’t listen. We clearly said: look for harem pants that aren’t super baggy. Never did we suggest to have extra material flowing in the wind like a Tyra weave. But the bigger the pants, the more you liked them.

Unwieldy and just unflattering, these pants were nothing short of hideous and just wouldn’t go away for the better part of 2009. Try as we might, we couldn’t feel sorry for the otherwise beautiful people that put on an upside down parachute and Louboutins as though it was attractive.

If Hammer wore them and lost all his money, and they made Beyonce look crazy, why would you think they’d work for us normal folks? FAIL.

FASHION FAIL #3 – Leotard

Please don’t hate me for saying this, but putting on a leotard won’t magically make your legs appear like Beyonce’s or Amber Rose’s.

Those dimples that were there before—but thankfully hidden under jeans—will be free for everyone to see in your leotard and boots. And if your legs look like toothpicks, a leotard will make it appear like you’re walking on stilts. Just not okay.

Besides the fact that unless you’re coming off the stage from a (real) Fosse performance or walking down Hunter’s point, there’s no acceptable reason to be out in a leotard and hooker boots in public. Since when is it okay to come out before you finished getting dressed?

Please do better next year. FAIL.

FASHION FAIL #4 – Ed Hardy

When Ed Hardy the designer won’t even wear Ed Hardy, you know you have a problem. At one point, the trendy, edgy, tattooed designs were selling like Susan Boyle. Now they’re collecting dust in the stores along with Rihanna’s CD (I kid!).

Truthfully, once the crop of cool, bad kids stopped wearing Ed Hardy designs, and the Snookies and Situations of the world started buying them in bulk, there was nothing anyone could do to help. They were banished to No-Man’s land where old Fubu, Mecca and Iceberg garments go to die.

Ed Hardy, get a new Creative Director, makeover, celebrity spokesperson and maybe you can return (a la Phat Farm). If not, FAIL.

FASHION FAIL #5 – Spandex

Please Lord let my days of seeing liquid leggings stuffed to the brim with thigh meat be far behind. I cannot, in good faith, endure the sight of women in black liquid leggings that, as some guy on Twitter said, look like walking oil spills.

And Nicki Minaj, camel toe is a vicious, evil, ungodly vision—and one of many signs that you need to pry yourself out of the leggings (we know they took forever to get on) and do away with them for 2010.

Other signs? Repeat trips to the gyno (as again, breathability is essential to health!). When the waistband and seams leave a red imprint on your stomach and legs (Yes, this happens. It’s like you held your legs in a chokehold all day. That’s gotta leave a bruise). FAIL.

What do you think Glamazons? Am I wrong to curse the day that Ed Hardy and Unisex Skinny Jeans became a trend? What Fashion Fails did I miss? Speak now…so we don’t have to suffer through another decade of bad fashion.



Trend Alert: Mad for Plaid


If I told you lumberjack and private school plaid is sexy, would you believe me? Well, you should. This season, the coolest trendsetters are making the ubiquitous pattern look hotter than ever.

The timeless print is getting a chic makeover this season with laidback oversize tunics paired with leggings and feminine, flirty skirts worn with fitted black tees.

The pattern has permeated menswear too with crisp, plaid button-down shirts and down jackets with plaid details hitting the stores.

Get the look with these celeb-inspired styles and scroll all the way to the bottom for affordable finds!

GLAMAZON FAVORITE: LOVE these plaid shirts from Cavi Designs, a menswear line worn by Jay-Z, Fabolous and more. They have a great selection of colors and an even better fit! $97.54,