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Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ Days

Hey Glamazons!

Check out the trailer for “Good Hair,” Chris Rock’s insightful, hilarious documentary about the relationship between black women and their crowning glory, coming to theaters this Fall. When Rock’s daughter asked him, “Why don’t I have ‘good hair’?” the comic was inspired to examine the sociological significance of ‘good hair’ in the black community. Featuring interviews from celebrities like Nia Long and Lauren London to real people at the barbershop (and a comical trip to India to see how the bustling weave industry operates), Rock’s expose explores black women’s (and some men’s) hair culture with humor and thought-provoking curiosity.

What do you think of the trailer? Will you see the film? Are you proud that Chris Rock is bringing this phenomenon to light or do you feel it airs dirty laundry? Do you have a relaxer, weave or natural hair? Do you view these styles as a matter of preference or sign of self-hatred among black women? How would the perception of this film be different if it was created by a black woman or a white person? How do you personally define “Good Hair”? We tell my two-year old niece: Every hair texture is good as long as you take care of it. Do you agree? Discuss.