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WANTED: Naomi Campbell

Hey Glamazons! Oops, she’s done it again!

Right now, supermodel Naomi Campbell is somewhere hiding in a back alley here in the streets of New York. Well, Coutura and I like to think that she is. She’s probably really in one of her many secret penthouse suites somewhere chilling. Or maybe she’s hanging out backstage in the super secret VIP area in Madison Square Garden watching Jay-Z perform.
Why is she on the run?
According to a recent article in the NY Times, Campbell hit her driver (we’re assuming while he was driving) and then ran off when he pulled over. And this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of beating her help (we remember too well the incident with the maid…sigh).
I recently interviewed Naomi backstage at her Fashion For Haiti show during NYFW (click here to view it) and I must say that I thought at one point I did kind of fear for my life once she learned how late it was and quickly demanded that I be the last interviewer. I mean, I respect her as a person (what other model do we know that can bring it like that on the catwalk?!) but it remains clear that she’s crazy.
I recently attended two beauty events tonight (Clarins and Sunsilk…more on that later) and one of my cab drivers joked that he would totally pick her up if he saw her out on the streets tonight.
Here’s hoping that she doesn’t hurt anyone else while out on the loose! Be safe out there, friends!