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Would You Wear…Cassie’s Designs for Dimepiece?


Is every celebrity a designer these days? Cassie is designing a black and white collection for L.A. sportswear label DimePiece.

To be fair, the design venture wasn’t initially her idea. According to People, after she ordered clothes off the DimePiece website, the owners approached her about designing her own line. She spoke to about the collaboration: “We’re still in the process of designing different things. They are amazing girls with such eclectic style and I really admire that. They inspired me not to be afraid of fashion. Most people are so self-conscious, but with this line and how they’ve created it — it’s really amazing. I just wanted to be a part of it.”

I’m on the fence about this—fashion is surely more her speed than singing (sorry, Cassie fans, if you’re out there lol) as she used to model for Delia’s and that’s how she got discovered. Furthermore, in most design-star cases, the celebrity is merely the face of the brand and the extent of their actual work is adding a sequin or ruffle to a finished look.

On the other hand, one “trend-setting hairstyle” (that Kelis actually rocked years ago) does not warrant a chance at designing. Yes, she has been looking rather fashion-forward lately (afterall, I did just give her the Glam seal of approval) but I’m sure there’s a glamorous, vintage-loving, dahling-saying stylist behind that.

Diddy was so kind to send all his Twitter followers pics:

What do you think? Is she poised to be the next Beyonce (i.e. making a fortune off your name clothing line) or is she taking the trendsetter title too far? And would you wear the clothes? I’ve gotta admit I’m loving the tiger shirt and the see-through bubble skirt! (Don’t judge me.)