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Would you wear…Solange and my two-toned leggings?

Lindsay Lohan has an entire leggings brand. Laquan Smith’s cut-out leggings are a celeb favorite. And jeggings (jean leggings) are flying off the shelves. Take one guess what the trend of the winter is.

And leggings aren’t going anywhere soon. Designers are coming up with innovative ways to keep the trend going, from graffiti and spray-painted designs to two-toned leggings. And I just have to buy every last design! (I’m a leggings fanatic.)

My latest purchase was a pair of two-toned leggings from American Apparel. The front part is black and white striped and the back is pure black. Cat-in-the-hat meets Rhythm Nation.

When I bought them, Ferocia told me, she likes them for me but wouldn’t be able to pull them off herself. Admittedly, I’m drawn to crazy, wild fashions and wear whatever attracts me at the moment (this is why I totally fit in in New York!) so I picked them right up.

Check out Solange and I rocking the American Apparel leggings below. Solange paired them with a white tank and off white blazer. I wore a black tulle, babydoll top under my leather McQ for Target vest.

They retail for $40 at American Apparel stores and on the web.

What do you think? Would you rock them?



Would you…Vajazzle (Bedazzle your Vajayjay)?

Hey Glamazons,

We’ve shared some crazy Fashion and Beauty finds with you on this blog—from logos that can be branded onto your skin to lingerie with an attached tracking device—and our latest beauty discovery is no different.
Va-jazzle is the latest puzzling procedure that lets you sparkle where the sun don’t shine.
Perfect for Valentine’s Day, the new craze is offered at Completely Bare Spa, where your lady business is embellished with a Swarovski crystal design of your choosing. The design is available in starburst, butterfly, heart and various other shapes.
I get it. It solves the problem women everywhere were facing when belly rings and nipple piercings left their kittens feeling underdressed.
No, it’s not enough that you can dye and shave your pubic hair into any outrageous design your heart desires. Your lady business needs accessories, too!
And besides, nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like star-studded, diamond encrusted goodies.
(By the way, I’m completely kidding.)
Jennifer Love Hewitt dedicates a whole chapter of her new relationship manual, The Dog Ate Cupid, to Vajazzling. She vajazzles regularly and said this, publicly, on Lopez Tonight. “After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski crystalled my, um, precious lady,” Hewitt told Lopez. “It shined like a disco ball.”
Well, you can bling everything else, even your teeth. Your vajayjay was the next logical step. Sideeye.
What do you think, Glamazons? A fabulous, new and exciting treat for Valentine’s Day? Proof that we’ve all taken BLING too far (and it should’ve died in the ’90’s)? Fellas, would you be pleasantly surprised or turned off by your lover’s Vajazzled lady parts?

Would you wear…A Fanny Pack?

Hey Glamazons!

There are a few phenomenons in fashion that will always be controversial. The fanny-pack, belt bag, hip-sack or man bag is one of them.

Admittedly, I did wear a Louis Vuitton fanny pack way back in my high-school, logo-friendly days. NOT a complete fashion faux paux, but I, seriously, wouldn’t be caught dead in that get-up again. However, as of late, I’ve seen celebrities, including Rihanna, rocking the fanny pack like it’s a studded Rebecca Minkoff bag. And it appeared on the runways in the Louis Vuitton show in a sleek, sexy leather style that was tres chic.

Traditionally, fanny packs have been regarded as the opposite. They are usually associated with the tourist who is simultaneously juggling her camera, passport and map while annoyingly asking for directions and buying silly souvenirs she’s never going to use. As the very nature of sightseeing calls for casualwear, she is far from fashionable.
By pairing her fanny pack with a fab H&M knitted dress, worker boots and shades, Rihanna has turned this stereotype on it’s head…or has she? And nothing was sexier than Carrie from SATC’s fanny pack with her cropped top and fitted skirt.
What’s your verdict, Glamazons? Are fanny packs back…and fashion-forward for the first time since the 80’s? Or should we leave that style to the tourists? Would you wear them?


Would You Wear…Harem Pants?

Dear Harem Pants,

You confuse me. You show up everywhere from runways to red carpets yet your proportions don’t look good on anyone…except maybe models, who are abnormally tall and thin. You even made Beyonce look bad – how is that possible?!!? Normal, fashionable women put you on and look like they’re wearing adult diapers…with stilettos. Or as if they escaped from the genie bottle. You should have disappeared along with Hammer’s rap career in the 90’s. Go away, yesterday.



Okay, that was mean. My fabulous intern wore harem pants and looked tres chic. And she made me rethink the pants I once swore off as a Halloween fixture (and they do look super comfortable). Here are the tips she used (and you should to!) to make this look work without looking like Aladdin.


Not all harem pants are created equal. Search high and low until you find the pair that fits well. And note: the pants that look like you’re wearing a diaper or carrying a small village in the seat are parachute pants. Scary. Please make the distinction.

Women with fuller figures should be just as weary of baggy harem pants. They’ll only accentuate problem areas. Stick to leaner harem pants which carry more volume near your hips but thin out down the rest of the leg. When worn right, these pants will enhance your figure instead of making you look worse.

Fergie’s pants create too much volume in the crotch which isn’t flattering on anyone.

Christina Milian creates curves in harem pants that have volume in the hip and butt area and get thinner around the legs.

Christina’s form-fitting harem pants are from American Apparel ($42, Love them!

Beyonce’s cropped harem pants have way too much volume in the hip area making her proportions look unnatural and odd.

Rihanna’s harem pants are the perfect proportion for her body. They’re lean and cropped, making her legs look longer.

These Agua Jersey pants ($40, Bloomingdale’s stores) give the right amount of volume without distorting your figure.


The challenge with harem pants is that the billowy shape makes your legs and hips appear larger (similar to a bubble skirt). As such, the rest of your outfit should work to either balance or minimize the shape of the pants. Heels do the trick of lengthening your legs thus making you curvy and long instead of short and stout.

Eva’s heels elongate her legs in her harem jumpsuit.

A pair of killer heels add the perfect touch to these Silence & Noise harem pants. $20,


Belts (or a cinched waist) are essential to wearing harem pants the right way. The volume of the pants are offset by a narrow waist, thus preventing you from looking like a human balloon or a walking pile of fabric.

The cinched waist of Ciara’s harem pants helps define her shape.


Let’s be honest: the fluidity of the fabric and the voluminous shape can get downright sloppy if you let it. That’s why it’s best to pair the pants with a structured top to achieve a look that’s polished and pulled together. A cropped jacket (let your waist show!), knit top or fitted blazer do the trick.

Gabrielle Union’s loose-fitting top and harem pants make her appear three sizes larger than she actual is.

Kristen Bell’s leather jacket and tank bring structure to her harem pants and the belt helps create a defined waist.

Though these tips make a compelling case for harem pants, unless I find an AMAZING pair, I’ll leave it to Ciara. Would you wear harem pants, even after these tips? Discuss.



Would You Wear…Pasties?

Rihanna and Lady Gaga have taken a cue from strippers who first wore pasties to concede with indecent exposure laws.

Now, pop stars are decently exposing their breasts to the public sans strategically-placed pasties as the latest fashion trend. I guess the cleavage-baring corsets and dresses the rest of us wear just aren’t enough.

Rihanna set her breasts free on Independence day with sequined star-shaped pasties.

And her pink star-shaped pasties provided a pop of color to the black sheer tank and white/black striped pencil skirt she wore to Katy Perry’s concert. Now that’s one way to rock the bright trend…

Pasties certainly prevent the ever-dreadful nip slip (I’m sure Janet Jackson wishes she had one on at the Superbowl). And I’ve been known to put band-aids on my nips underneath a halter or tank top so they don’t make an appearance should the weather get chilly (has anyone used that trick?). I MAY use nippies for that, but I still wouldn’t let everybody see them!

Retailers claim to make a killing so somebody’s buying them…even if they’re not wearing them out to Fourth of July parties and Katy Perry concerts.

Bristol 6 Nippies sent some pasties to the office that may make me reconsider (or atleast wear under sheer blouses). They come in a variety of colors and styles (even offering a bridal collection) and boast a wrinkle-free fit and waterproof adhesive so your nippies stay on during humid summer nights on the town. Sold?

Oooo…those fab, neon 80’s themed nippies might make me feel differently. They’re $15 each and available at

And when the vast selection of pasties won’t suffice, Lady Gaga just grabs black electrical tape and perfectly places it over her nipples. Genius! We can do away with shirts altogether and all just get dressed at Staples or Duane Reade in the school supply aisle.

Though I fully support loving and even showing off your body, I believe in leaving something to the imagination. Thus, my breasts will only be making half-appearances in cleavage-baring low-cut tops and dresses, no tape necessary. I may get adventurous though and wear pasties on vacation, where nobody knows me, haha. Would you ever engage in this risque fashion trend? Do you think it’s edgy and free or just completely over-the-top? Discuss.



Would you wear…?

…Brandy’s distressed jeans?


It IS a fabulous, funky trend, resurfacing from the ’60’s and the posh-grunge era of the ’90’s. And it gives you an excuse to wear those comfortable, worn-in jeans that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, even though they look like you were jumped, thrown in a mud puddle, ran over by a jeep then wrestled by a pack of dogs. Everyone has a pair.

My favorite jeans in the world from Express have tears right under the butt part (as they clearly were made for an ahem…flatter derriere) and yet I LOVE them. Several mornings, I’ve put them on in a bold, fearless, “I wear what I want” attempt to defy fashion convention. But I get embarassed at the thought of sitting bare-bottomed on the A train or worse, unraveling in front of throngs of NYC commuters…and run right back into my room and put on something decent.

Obviously, this hasn’t stopped Brandy, Agyness Deyn, Giselle Bundschen or Heidi Klum from umm…overexposure. But tell me, is the Edward Scissorhands look taking it too far?!?!?!





I love a ruggedly posh look (read: ripped jeans and a blazer) but it HAS to be done right. If I was you, or Brandy, I’d follow these tips:

1- Professional ripped jeans completely defeat the purpose. If you’re not lucky enough to have some tore up, janky looking jeans in your closet, buy some that look authentic like Ashley’s or Beyonce’s. Or get a tad bit creative with the scissors and muck them up so they don’t look manufactured. DO NOT go overboard, I beg you.



2- Please keep the rest of your outfit simple or atleast complimentary, to the distressed denim. Dress it up with a blazer and white tank or keep it casual in a plaid button down shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Tops that are too dressy or complicated (like Emma Robert’s assymetrical, ruffled blouse) will ruin the look.


3- Less is more.

Rule No.3 is by far the most important. Too much loose thread and people start to get confused. Are they shorts or jeans? And btw, what weather does this even work for? If it’s summer, your knees get sweaty and damp; if it’s winter, the NYC wind will beat at your knees until they crack and bleed. And no matter the weather, one nonchalant pull of a loose thread and you’re pantless in the middle of the street…NOT glam.

As for me, I’ll keep my rips relegated to the knees (with a couple dispersed throughout the leg) and leave my worn out Express jeans for clandestine appearances in my apartment. What about you? Are you rocking the bold and rugged look like Brandy? Sound off.



Would You Wear…?

…Beyonce’s gold-tassled shades?


As soon as I saw them, Ye’s comments about Rihanna being the best thing to happen to Beyonce this year came to mind. Remember that?

If not, here are his words of wisdom, according to The Hip Hop Chronicle:

‘This is a wakeup call … people in music get comfortable … Rappers get comfortable’.
Kanye said this was the case with Beyonce.
‘Rihanna was the best thing to happen to Beyonce’, referring to Rihanna’s rise to stardom suggesting Beyonce had to set the musical bar higher.”

Well, maybe his fashion sense, specifically his Alain Mikli, 80’s inspired shutter shades, was a source of inspiration to Beyonce as well.


Queen B was photographed over the weekend in the sexiest, metallic tasseled sunglasses, allegedly filming a video for her soon-to-be hit “Diva,” (sidenote: how much do you LOVE that song?!).


I’m all for the shades, and glam rock attitude, but umm…can you see?


I won’t wear anything that has me crashing into doors and street signs, while sashaying feroshly down the street. But I have to admit…they’re Glamazon fierce.

Would you wear them?



Would you wear…


…Marc Jacobs’ gravity-defying pumps?

By now we’ve all seen the inverted heels that were the talk of Fall Fashion Week.
They’re innovative, allegedly comfortable and Posh-approved, but would you wear these in public?
Even if was selling a version for $194.

Ellen Pompei would.
As for me, I admit they’re surreal, creative and one-of-a-kind (<— that could be my label whore tendencies talking) but my ankle hurts just looking at them. 
I’d imagine stepping off the sidewalk onto a NYC street becomes a death-defying feat in these shoes. And landing on my butt in a pool of murky water or a pile of litter, to the amusement of cab drivers and the delight of thirsty men (Hey shorty, if I help you up, can I get your number?), is not the way I want to spend my morning commute.
Amusing, perhaps, but ultimately they’re just impractical and strange. Thoughts?
P.S. Even Berardi is jumping on the heelless trend with these 5 1/2 inch precarious platforms. 
He told London’s Daily Mail, “When you walk, it’s almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty.” Yes, dainty is exactly the word I’d use to describe me flying headfirst down a flight of stairs. 
Apparently, the world loves them…or atleast England. They have to be ordered up to five weeks in advance at Browns stores in London. Huh? Discuss.