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10 Minutes With Celebrity Hairstylist Ursula Stephen

Hey Glamazons! You all know that we can’t get enough of Rihanna. (That hair, those clothes!) So, I was super psyched to finally catch up with her amazing hairstylist Ursula Stephen in between her crazy, non-stop traveling schedule. Here’s what she had to say:
Ferocia: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not busy traveling?
Ursula: Shopping, eating.
Ferocia: Where do you like to eat at?
Ursula: Where do I like to eat? Oh my god! I like everything. Right now, I’m really hooked on this one Thai restaurant in Brooklyn. And all I eat from there is calamari. I have spots in the city like obviously Philippe Chow’s and, you know, it changes. Whatever I crave when I’m away and I can’t really get it, I always try to get it when I’m home.
Ferocia: But, when you’re home, what is your favorite thing to do? Because you’re always traveling.
Ursula: I definitely love to catch up with friends. It was hard for me at first, but now I’m definitely getting back into it because I was always like I’m so tired. I gotta sleep for two days. But now I’m really trying to go out with my friends again. Just going out. Trying to do sociable things. Comedy shows. You know, whatever. Just doing whatever.
Ferocia: What is your favorite thing about being on the road so much?
Ursula: The one favorite thing is actually shopping. Because you get to find different things. That’s fun. I actually do like room service. [laughing] And it’s funny because we went to Korea and we had to do this thing with Rihanna where they like, follow her on the street and we didn’t even realize that we were like on this street with like crazy vintage stores. And we found some dope things! Meeting different people is always good, too.
Ferocia: Do you speak any other languages?
Ursula: No. I don’t.
Ferocia: Have you ever thought about looking into it since you’ve been all over the world?
Ursula: I do, but then you get there and you have a translator and people are trying to speak English so there’s really no need. I know how to say “hello” in many different languages, obviously, but I don’t really know how to speak in full conversations.
Ferocia: So, out of all the hairstyles that you’ve created for Rihanna, what’s your favorite one?
Ursula: Oooo. My favorite would be, I think, maybe her American Music Awards hairstyle. There’s a couple of them that I really liked. Oh! I liked the one at the Video Music Awards, about three years ago, when she had on the hot pink dress and she had like a bob. That’s one of my favorites because I got to cut like crazy and that was fun.
Ferocia: What do you like most about working on celebrity clients? When you start, do you look at their outfits first, do you work with the stylists?
Ursula: It’s so different every time. It could be the outfit, or the hair first. It depends on what we’re doing as well. Like, if we’re doing a video there’s usually a direction that we’re going in.
Like when we did ‘Rude Boy’ it was a Jamaican pinup. So, that was our direction.
Ferocia: Was that fun?! P.S. That video was hot!
Ursula: Yeah, that was one of the most fun video that we’ve done. Everytime we did do a video, it was always more realistic hair and makeup and just real life stuff. So, we finally got a chance to like do more characters. Like [Rihanna] wore a red wig and even though I’m known for changing up her hair so much, it’s still basically short, funky, edgy. This time, I got to take it to a whole other level. Like the whole puff that we did, the wig. It was fun!
Ferocia: So, what’s next for you?
UrBoldsula: Wow. I’m trying to figure that out now. I used to always try to have a plan. It’s weird because I’m always that person that tries to have a plan, but when I didn’t have a plan, things would just always just work out for me and fall into place. I didn’t really know that I would be doing this or traveling the world with Rihanna. Now, I’m like do I still not do a plan and just let God gives me what he gives me? I think my plan is to always walk in the right direction. And never turn down an opportunity.
Ferocia: That’s a good idea! So, what’s your favorite fragrance?
Ursula: Oooo if I told you, I’d have to kill you. I’m so sorry, but like my best friends are still trying to figure out what my fragrance is and I won’t tell them. I wear it every single day.
Ferocia: Is it some ‘ole ghetto stuff that you got on the corner somewhere? [laughing]
Ursula: No, it’s not ghetto! I have like 25-30 perfumes on my table and I only wear that one every day. Like that’s my signature scent.
Ferocia: And you’re not going to tell anybody what it is?
Ursula: No, sorry.
Ferocia: Ursula has a signature scent.
Ursula: It’s very expensive. And it’s very rare.
Ferocia: Really? Is it Hermes?
Ursula: No.
Ferocia: I’m gonna sniff you and figure out what it is. And I’ll just whisper it in your ear once I figure it out because you know I have a good nose for things like that.
Ursula: That’s fine. [laughing] I went to a club with it on one day and this girl in the bathroom was like ‘What are you wearing? I smelled you from downstairs?’ I said that is so nice, but I can’t tell you. I won’t tell anyone. I won’t tell Rihanna. I won’t tell Mary J. Blige. I won’t tell anyone. You can be Michelle Obama and I’m not telling you.
Ferocia: So, if anybody could give you a gift, what would you want it to be?
Ursula: People see me wearing all this name brand stuff, but that’s what I buy for myself and I would never expect people to buy things like that for me. I just like really thoughtful small things that I wouldn’t buy for myself; that I just wouldn’t have the time to find it. One of my friends bought me a travel set about 2 years ago and it was like the best Christmas gift I ever got. It was like the holder with a cashmere blanket and cashmere socks and I was like oh my god I really need this to travel in! My friend bought me a passport holder which I needed because I was like a bum with my passport. So, you know, just like little things that are thoughtful, I just love it.
Ferocia: And what are some hair tips that you can offer to our readers for both permed and natural hair? For the everyday girl.
Ursula: For natural, I’d say to maintain your hair by wrapping it at night. People think that you can’t keep your hair straight because you don’t have a relaxer but wrapping it actually preserves the straightness. And for the permed girls that do wrap their hair at night, you should switch the directions up every two days. When you do that same circular motion everyday, your hair tends to just stay like that. What happens to the girls that do keep in the same motion, that left side is always breaking and thin. You have to switch it up. And sometimes, don’t even wrap it. Just throw it up into a ponytail. It doesn’t have to perfect every day, you know?
Ferocia: What about the girls that wear extensions alot?
Ursula: Try not to do the same hairstyle all the time. Like, if you wore a middle part this time around, next time you should do a side part. Then next time, wear it all back. And then the next time maybe you shouldn’t even do a weave at all. When you keep doing the same hairstyle, that hair that you’re using to cover up the track or use as camoflouge becomes stressed because it’s that same hair used every time. You have to give it a break.
Ferocia: Anything else that you want to add to our amazing Glamazons readers?
Ursula: Um, nope. But I love The Glamazons! Those chics are hot.

WIN IT!! Alice In Wonderland Inspired Beauty Booty

Hey Glamazons! I’m sure you’re all stoked about the upcoming release of Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. (I know I am! Mostly because it features one of my favorite actors, Johnny Depp. I not only admire him for his stellar good looks, but also because he plays a crazy person so well!) To get into the spirit, I’ve been wearing eyeshadow shades from my Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows and I’m smitten with OPI’s Mad As A Hatter (a shade of black with multi-colored glitter).
With eye shadow names like Underland and Midnight Tea Party, the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows features travel size versions of the 24/7 Eye Pencils in Zero and Flipside and Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin. The book opens to reveal a full size mirror and a cute pop up version of a shrunken Alice in a peculiar forest.
The limited edition Alice In Wonderland collection from OPI features four shades: Absolutely Alice (a blue glitter); Thanks So Muchness! (a red shimmer); Off With Her Red (a fierce hot red); and Mad As A Hatter.

Tell us: Who is your favorite character from Alice in Wonderland and why?
Leave your comments below and we’ll pick the most outstanding. The winner will receive shades from the limited edition OPI Alice in Wonderland collection.

Can’t wait to read your responses!

10 Minutes With Afrobella: Contributor to Vogue Black

Hey Glamazons! So, as you know by now, Vogue Italia has officially launched Vogue Curvy and Vogue Black.

Ferocia caught up with the amazing beauty and fashion blogger Afrobella , who just announced today that she will be an official contributor to the Vogue Black site! Here’s what she had to say:
Ferocia: Coutura and I are so excited for you!
Afrobella: It is crazy! I didn’t know when [the Vogue editor] was going to put my first post up. But, yesterday I was reading The Cut and all of those comments and all of that stuff. And I wanted so bad to say something, but I was like I’m not going to say anything until my name is up and until my bio is up. They haven’t even put the bios up yet! They’re going to put the bios up this weekend I guess. It’s been interesting.
Ferocia: So, is the site based in NY?
Afrobella: No! It’s in Italy.
Ferocia: So these people are actually in Italy doing this site, right?
Afrobella: Yeah. The one that I’ve been communicating with is definitely in Italy.
Ferocia: How did you meet him?
Afrobella: He reached out to me in November.
Ferocia: Wow!
Afrobella: I got an e-mail. That was it.
Ferocia: Wow! So you just got an e-mail and now you’re like fabulous fashionista in Vogue…
Afrobella: [laughing] I mean, it’s weird because my blog is very different from a lot of other blogs, so I’m like it’s not really all beauty and it’s not really all fashion. But, they were looking for strong writing and strong content.
Ferocia: Did they give you a topic to write about or can you just write about whatever you want?
Afrobella: I can write about whatever I want to write about pretty much. [The editor] approached me and was like we would like to contribute to the site. What are your ideas? He actually asked me to write a list of who I thought were the best black beauty bloggers that her should reach out to. So, I gave him that list, but I don’t know if he’s reached out to anybody. It’s kind of awkward to be like “Hey! Did you get an e-mail from…” I didn’t really know what to do about that. I’ll see if he plans on adding to the roster because I think that they should. To me, this is just the beginning.
Ferocia: Yes, I agree. I like that it’s very organic and that they actually did research before reaching out to you.
Afrobella: They’re working on it and it’s been an education on both sides. It’s been interesting.
Ferocia: That’s so awesome! What excites you most about this opportunity?
Afrobella: I mean, honestly, this is crazy. It’s Vogue! It’s like Vogue is respecting black bloggers?! Like what?! Did hell freeze over today? I know it snowed last night but I was like damn, you know? It’s just crazy. I’ve been seeing people complaining about it all the time. Like, The Cut, for example. I respect them and I love what they do, but where are they giving tribute or props to black bloggers? I haven’t seen any of that. And that’s what I’m most excited about is that finally a mainstream fashion publication recognizes that black bloggers are here and we’re interested in beauty and we’re interested in fashion and we are a market worth respecting. Finally! And it’s not even in America! It’s across the world. But, it’s the beginning of something kind of awesome and I’m so proud.
Ferocia: You plan on still keeping your blog, right?
Afrobella: Nu ugh! I’m not giving [my blog] up! That’s my baby!
Ferocia: How long have you had your blog?
Afrobella: Since 2006. This year will be my fourth blogaversy! It’s crazy. More than anything else, it’s proof that hard work does pay off. Hard work and taking that time and all of the things that I’ve done…because they’re times where I’ve been discouraged and there are times that I’ve been like I can’t do this blog anymore….I’m not making enough money off of it…what am I doing? I quit my job. I’m doing this full time now. When I made that decision, it was really terrifying because of all of those things that they say about the economy and stuff, but it’s actually working!
Ferocia: Honestly though, I think that all of that stuff that they say about the economy is just a scape goat. Because you know I used to work at a magazine and got laid off, but when I was working there, that’s why Coutura and I started this blog because we didn’t have the creative outlet to say and write the things that we really wanted to write about. So, even if you have a full time job and you’re still not doing creatively what you want to do, then I don’t think that you should hide behind that, you know?
Afrobella: Nope.
Ferocia: And now that we’re both laid off, we have more time to blog now!
Afrobella: Yeah, that’s great!
Ferocia: I also think that black people as a whole, we don’t support each other enough.
Afrobella: Nope. And I have to say that especially in the beauty and fashion world. But I do have to say that there is a sisterhood and brotherhood of black bloggers once you get out of beauty and fashion. Which is unfortunate and I hope that it changes and I certainly do my best to be inclusive and to be everything, but I mean, it’s crazy. I get more love and more support from hip hop bloggers and people that are not even in the arena of stuff that I write about. There are some beauty bloggers that are my girls forever and ever and that have been supportive of me from day one, but I see alot of newer black beauty blogs and stuff starting up and it’s kind of…not competitive, but it’s like we’re all on our own page; when we should be together and we should be showing each other that love and support that we’re not getting.
Ferocia: Yep! So true and I agree with you.
Afrobella: We are living in interesting times. With this whole [Vogue Black] thing, it’s kind of like now what? There are so many of us who are here and there are so many of us doing so many different things and complementing each other and I hope that this is not going to be a one time thing. I can’t speak to the future plans of what it will be and I can’t speak to my future plans for my blog, but I am honored to be here at the beginning of it and I hope that it just brings bigger and more awesome things for all of us.

10 Minutes With Sam Fine

Hey Glamazons! As you probably know by now, I’m obsessed with makeup artists. Oh, and hair stylists. So, you can probably imagine my glee and excitement over interviewing celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. He’s responsible for those beautifully made up faces you see on Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, IMAN and Vanessa Williams.

Last night, he debuted his latest collaboration: cute pairs of flats created with Cavage shoes in colors inspired by his favorite makeup shades . Myself and Elaine Welteroth (Fashion & Beauty Reporter from EBONY magazine and from Meeting In The Ladies Room) sat down with him to pick his lovely ‘made up’ brain.
Ferocia: So, Sam, we hear that you like to babysit children. How was that for you?
Sam: You’re not going to get me talk about my God children. No! [laughing]
Ferocia: How was that experience for you?
Sam: Babysitting a 5 year old and a 7 year old is not easy. I actually babysat my God son and daughter this past weekend and tweeted about the whole experience and it was a lot of fun. We went to Lion King. We went to Broadway. You need to take kids to a crowd, so that was wonderful. Lion King was a wonderful experience and just really seeing things through their eyes is wonderful.
Ferocia: Oh, because I just read that you sat them in front of a television…
Sam: No. Only when I needed a break. And it was educational. Always.
Elaine: In our industry, you’re known as the fabulous Sam Fine. Always at the best parties…we want to know why a flat? Why weren’t you drawn to a fabulous stiletto? When I think of Sam Fine, I think of a bedazzled jeweled…
Ferocia: Like lucite…
Sam: Oh really think of me as bedazzled lucite?
Ferocia: Hell ass yes!
Sam: Well, you know, having dedicated my career to women of color, I like things that are a little bit more meaningful to me. I think about the emotional purchase that beauty suggests and I also think about a shoe that speaks to a woman’s comfort and fashion. That’s why choosing 5 different shades to me, was really interesting. I think a flat now has become so dressy as well as comfortable. So you don’t have to be in 6 inch heels to be dressy anymore. I think a lot of the women will love me for it.
Elaine: Absolutely. I see Michelle Obama all over that.
Sam: Exactly! C’mon! I have so many clients. You know, whenever Jennifer Hudson comes offstage, she’s reaching for a pair of flats. She’s like “Those were cute, now give me some flats!”
So, I guess because I’m behind the scenes and I know how women really think, no Patti LaBelle, she would not be caught in a flat, but when she’s at home, she’s definitely fashionable and I can see her in these as well.
Ferocia: So, did you go to any shows during Fashion Week?
Sam: I didn’t!
Elaine: No?
Ferocia: How tragic is this?!
Sam: You know what? I said that I have my God children. I have a ton of work to do. I was doing ad campaigns. Tons of work. Because everybody was in town, it was a great time to get all the editorial and everything in the can. I have to say, I don’t miss going to the shows. I’ve got a wonderful computer. I can skip the crowds. I can see all the trends. Having done shows with Kevyn Aucoin and Fran Cooper and Isaac Mizrahi and Tod Oldhman….people aren’t even showing anymore. I remember when fashion was amazingly interesting and it wasn’t online yet. And Christy (Turlington) and Linda (Evangelista) and Naomi (Campbell) and Tyra (Banks) were on the runways and you had all these personalities and beauties. So I’d like to remember it the way I experienced it. I don’t need to sit front row because I feel more at home behind the stage.
Ferocia: Can I just say that I interviewed Naomi (Campbell) and she scared the crap out of me!
Sam: Where did you meet her?
Ferocia: Backstage at the Fashion For Haiti show.
Sam: Well, you have to be a fighter to be in this industry. To reach the level that she has…she’s taught me a lot. Herself, Tyra (Banks), IMAN, these are women who definitely know what they want and I don’t think you ever get to a certain level of success without knowing what you want. We’ve worked with Kimora (Lee-Simmons) recently for a wonderful EBONY cover. There’s always a point of view and I love that. Looking at these multi-dimensional women, like IMAN with cosmetics and modeling and Tyra (Banks) with the talk show and America’s Next Top Model and Kimora (Lee-Simmons) with a clothing line! They’re such wonderful examples to what we all can achieve. I’m really just following in their foot steps by teaming up with Cavage and doing this foot line.
Elaine: So, what’s next? Do you see maybe coats?
Ferocia: Accessories?
Sam: Well, you know, when I look at IMAN, she’s on HSN with jewelry, handbags, travel gear. Zac Posen is doing the interior for a hotel, they’re doing Target. I think that you’re seeing a lot more artists have their spin and add their creativity to different things. This is just another notch on my belt. But I look forward to returning to cosmetics, to doing cosmetics. I just released a DVD The Basics of Beauty….
Ferocia: Which is amazing! BTW…
Sam: Aww, thank you! That means a lot. Especially coming from the audience…the real critics. So, I’m looking forward to doing another DVD…I’m looking forward to doing cosmetics and hopefully building upon the fall trends and what I see in shoes. Who knows? I’m sure a heel is in my future.
Ferocia: Children’s clothing?
Sam: Well, at least I have the experience having two God children because I let them dress themselves. Hair products…I did their hair. They’re multi-racial. So, there’s a lot there going on. And they say with the browning of America, we need more products, not just for women of color but for people of color. I think there’s a lot more for me to do.
Ferocia: I think so too!
Elaine: What are 3 of your top beauty tricks?
Sam: 1. When you apply your foundation, before you apply powder, take a tissue…like a 2-ply tissue and just tear it in half, separating those two plys and just blotting the excess oil that comes along with foundation. It’s a great way to touch up through out the day, but it’s also a great way to keep the powder from clinging as heavily and the skin shows through beautifully.
2. Brows! See, you’re one of! I’m looking at two beautiful ladies (ie Ferocia and Elaine…get into it!) with groomed brows and tons of mascara on. I think that’s like 2 and 3. I mean, these are like natural things that before you get to foundation, before you get to concealer, before you get to bronzer, you’ve got to address. You want to remove any unwanted facial hair, you really want the brows to look beautiful because you don’t already look like you have on makeup.
3. Bronzer! Bronzer is a form that you can use on the outer perimeter of the face, along the hair line, bringing it into the cheeks. It not only illuminates the complexion, but it also brings a warmth. I think a lot of women are scared that their foundation is gonna look fake, but bronzer adds luminosity that you might have lost when evening out and beautifying those very tones.
Elaine: That Queen Latifah bronzer from CoverGirl? I live for that.
Sam: That’s one of my favorites!
Elaine: I can’t leave the house without it.
Sam: I have some on now! [laughing]

New York Fashion Week Backstage Beauty Trend Report

Hey Glamazons! I think I can honestly say that I’m fully recovered from the madness of NY Fashion Week. I may have spent most of last weekend snoozing on the couch to catch up on some much needed sleep, but I’m starting to feel more like my old self again.
With that said, let me share with you some of my top beauty trends from the Fall 2010 collections that I saw backstage. I don’t know about you, but I may just start rocking some of them right now!
Strong Brows
If you need no other incentive to keep your eyebrows neatly waxed, tweezed or threaded, it should be this: a strong brow can be the focus of your beauty look. If you’ve got clear, healthy looking skin this means that you can skip the foundation (alright, I can just hear the gasps from you guys, so you can still keep it if you really need to) lipstick, blush and bronzer.
Lead makeup artist Wendy Rowe (for Bobbi Brown) created the look at Yigal Azrouel and described the strong brow as a way to achieve a youthful, chic look.
“Brush the hairs of the eyebrow up and then put in liner,” she said. “Then, brush the eyebrow hairs back down for a more natural look.”
Also seen at: Narciso Rodriguez
Backstage at Yigal Azrouel
Backstage at Narciso Rodriguez
Glossy Eyes
I first noticed this idea of a glossy eyeshadow during the Spring 2010 collections from the MAC makeup artists. At first I was very skeptical about it (I mean, it just seemed like you were applying colored grease onto your eyes), but now that I’ve seen it again this time around, it’s grown on me. So much so that I’ve deemed it cool. Although most of the eye glosses I noticed being used backstage by the MAC makeup artists don’t even have names yet (yay for super new as-yet-to-be-named prototypes!), but a trick that you can do now is to dab a bit of Vaseline on top of your eyelids after applying eyeshadow and it gives you the same sheen.
Seen at: Alexander Wang, Twinkle by Wenlan
Backstage at Alexander Wang
Matte Textured Tresses
The grungy look of the early 90’s is back! I noticed a lot of hairstylists citing Kate Moss (circa late 80’s, early 90’s) as the inspiration for their looks; which, in turn, meant that hair was sometimes given a ruffled up, messy look. From the kind of extreme (ie Catherine Malandrino) to the slightly polished (ie Tracy Reese) don’t be afraid to let your hair get a little bit messy this upcoming season. Lead hairstylist Eugene Solemne (for Wella Professionals) literally described the hairstyle he was creating backstage at Isaac Mizrahi as just “a mess.”
“We’re literally messing up the hair like they’ve been rolling around a little,” he said. “We wanted to make the hair sexy and it doesn’t go with the clothes at all. It’s more tangible, more raw, less ladylike and cool.” However, Solemne warns not to let the look get what he calls “skanky.”
“This looks like its not dirty and it’s just been roughed up; it’s more like something that floats,” he said.
Also seen at: Herve Leger, Michael Kors

Backstage at Catherine Malandrino
Backstage at Issac Mizrahi
Backstage at Herve Leger
Backstage at Michael Kors
Backstage at Michael Kors

Smudgy Smoke
We all know that the smokey eye is always a returning trend (for this season, it’s all about a pastel smokey eye) but come fall, the black smoke shall return. This time it will have a smudged up new twist: it’s the smokey eye that you wore last night and it didn’t quite wash away; what Stephane Marais (head makeup artist for MAC at Zac Posen) described as “trashy but with dignity.” Although I don’t advise you to walk around wearing last week’s black smokey eye, I do think that the idea of an imperfect smudge here and there is an uber cool idea.
Also seen at: DVF
Backstage at Diane Von Furstenberg
Backstage at Diane Von Furstenberg
Dark Lips
It’s not quite goth and not quite ladylike; it’s somewhere in between. But, where ever it lies, I can honestly say that it’s a lip look that I love to see on other women. Tom Pechaux (lead makeup artist at Peter Som for MAC) used a very violet powder on the lips and a burgundy violet lip pencil to give definition to the lips. He added a creamy texture by adding in a bit of burgundy lipstick.
“When Peter showed me his collection, he said the look was basically like a woman from the upper East Side going to Woodstock,” Som said. “I think it’s no longer I want to be a punk; I want to be gothic; I want to be romantic; I want to be proper. People like to mix the beautiful engagement right with an amazing plastic creation.”
Also seen at: Luca Luca, L.A.M.B.
Backstage at Peter Som
Backstage at Peter Som

Backstage at Luca Luca

Backstage at Luca Luca
Twisted Polished Updo’s
Some designers (such as Christian Siriano) opted to keep the hair look a bit classier and opted instead for ladylike updo’s. At Nanette Lepore, head hairstylist Esther Langham (for Moroccan Oil) said the designer was inspired by the Renaissance. “When I went in to see Nanette, she had this gorgeous Renaissance painting and we just knew that was it,” she said. “But, at the same time, it’s a Nanette girl. She wants her to feel easy, like you could do it yourself; which you honestly could.”
Also seen at: Custo Barcelona
Backstage at Christian Siriano
Backstage at Custo Barcelona
Funky Nails
I can’t wait to start rockin’ the cool nail looks that I saw backstage at Catherine Malandrino and Tracy Reese. (The latter opted for a pretty lace overlay on the nails, which I actually had done to my nails a couple of months ago thanks to Barielle. Who knew that I was ahead of the trends?! haha) Backstage at Malandrino, Jane Arnold (co-founder and style director for Creative Nail Design) layered on nail polish and then tapped a round makeup pad on the nail to make it look like aged leather. The best part? You can get the makeup pads at your local drugstore! (Just be sure to avoid the ones made out of the cotton material as you don’t want to have fuzzies all over your nails.)
Also seen at: LaQuan
Backstage at Tracy Reese

Nails used backstage at LaQuan
Tell us, which of the beauty trends from the Fall 2010 collections are you most excited about?

Backstage Beauty: ARISE Fall 2010

Hey Glamazons! As you know from Coutura’s post, we just loved the ARISE show. It’s definitely hands down one of my favorite from all that I’ve seen so far at NY Fashion Week.
Pictured above is my good friend Unique London who I haven’t seen in forever and ran into backstage. She’s an awesome makeup artist and was helping to create the beauty looks that you peeped at the show.
I caught up with lead makeup artist Valente backstage to get the scoop on the beauty looks created (using IMAN cosmetics, of course!) Because there were three different looks to the show, Valente created three different makeup looks.
Black Coffee
“The makeup look is sheer and luminous skin; very radiant and glowing. We used lots of structure and contouring so [the model] looks kind of like an ethereal alien. There was lots of white frost around the eye to really complement this look and then a soft brow.”
Deola Sagoe
“This line has a lot of military influence in the collection, so I went with a very strong powerful brow. It’s kind of fifties inspired. We used a little mascara, nothing on the cheeks and a little gloss on the lips. Her look is very radiant and sheer.”
Loin Cloth & Ashes
“Again, just luminous glowing skin. This has been a constant theme in all of the collections: beautiful, radiant skin. There’s no eyeshadow, just a wash of bronzer over the eye and a touch of pink on the lip. We did subdue the pink depending on the shade of the girl. For our darker girls, we added in a little bit of brown lip liner. We’re doing a full brow, but not as severe as Deola’s; it’s a softer, more powdery brow. For the lighter girls, we’re doing a full, powdery brow.”
Lead hairstylist Danilo (who tames the tresses of almost everyone in Hollywood including Gwen Stefani!) also walked me through the hair looks.
Black Coffee
“This is a chic and uptown lady, but she’s modern. So we’re blending the Africa meets international look.”
For this look, the hair was pulled back tightly and extra hair was added in to create these huge bouffants. Loved it!

Loin Cloth & Ashes
“We’re doing these braided headbands. I call them halos.”

Deola Sagoe
“We’re creating a pompadour. I call them dickheads. It’s just a big, firm ponytail sticking straight up out of the head.”
*Side note: Yes, he said “dick.” I did not misquote him LOL
Check out the looks and let us know which one is your favorite!

Backstage Beauty: Alexander Wang Fall 2010

Hey Glamazons! It seems that the brightly colored lips and rosy colored cheeks have taken a back seat this season as designers opt to showcase more natural looking models on their runway.
Backstage at Alexander Wang, head makeup artist Diane Kendal (for MAC) described the inspiration for the makeup look as being Kate Moss circa the late 80’s, early 90’s.
“I’m doing very fresh skin with a reddish brown grease all over the eyelid and blended up into the brow bone,” she said.
Head hairstylist Guido, Redken Creative Consultant, said that he wanted the models to have a “grungy, boyish” look. He brushed part of the hair over one eye and then literally saturated the hair with Redken’s Force 23 hairspray. Then, he took a blow dryer and went over the hair again to seal in the look.
The nails were an equally ubercool girl look. Noni Cream, founder of Butter London nail lacquer, described the look as an “opaque, sand blasted kind of look.”
“It’s the traditional Alexander Wang nail,” she said. “I kind of love the idea that the Alexander Wang woman doesn’t subscribe so much to the seasonal catwalk and the trends. It’s all about this sense of luxury. She’s got this inherent expensiveness about her that’s kind of sexy.”
And it doesn’t look like the matte nail trend is going anywhere anytime soon since this nail was clearly very matte; in addition to looking very cool.
“It’s the new preppy,” Noni said.

Backstage Beauty: Zac Posen Fall 2010

Hey Glamazons! After finally kicking myself out of bed early this morning, I headed over to the Altman Building for backstage beauty coverage of the Zac Posen show.
The look?: Downtown Chelsea girl meets grungy chic.
Head makeup artist Stephane Marais (for MAC) described the girls who would wear the newly designed frocks by Posen as “very young and trendy.”
“She’s a rebel but has to stay elegant and chic,” he said. “But she wants to look fierce and dangerous.”
To achieve this look, he applied black eyeliner to the lids and smudged away.
“It was almost like a brush and then sweep of the eye,” he said about the application of the eye liner. “At the end you have a very strong look that’s melting. It’s strong, but fading away.”
Exactly as if you went out, fell asleep in your makeup and then woke up again? “Yes,” he said.
Side note: this seems to be a very popular beauty look going on for the fall 2010 shows. Could it be that designers are getting lazy or is it just that the cool girl look is back again? Either way, I think it’s great because I can never seem to get all of my eyeliner off at the end of the night and often wake up with remnants of it showing!
However, Marais didn’t want the smudged eye liner to look what he called “trashy.”
“Sometimes when you have your makeup running down, it’s not flattering,” he said. “You never want it to look trashy. You technically may be trashy, but you still have dignity and that’s what makes it flattering.”
Side note: If you’re scratching your head wondering what this may mean, it’s ok because I also did the same.
But then he went on to say that the idea is that the look is not to look “too perfect” because then she doesn’t look human. (Which makes complete sense to me!)
“This girl is approachable but very fierce and very strong and I like that,” he said.
Due to the strong eye, the skin was left clean (ie no foundation) and for the lips he stained the lips with a new dark red shade that MAC will soon be launching. (I’m guessing for they’re fall collections.)
“I just applied and raised the contour with a bit of concealer,” he said. “It looks kind of like there was lipstick but this is the left over remnants.”

In keeping with the retro cool girl look, lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert (for L’Oreal Professionnel) created a middle part and then curled the hair with a curling iron; but left the roots and tips untouched.
“Normal people would think that this hair is natural, but it’s not,” she said. “It’s like an expensive grunge in a way.”
Nails were done by Deborah Lippmann.
“Zac wanted something like a stain on the nails,” she said. “Just a hint of something so it looks very fresh and very youthful. The eyes are really greasy and smoky, but she’s still a downtown girl and this adds in a little bit of femininity.”
Check out the look and let us know what you think!
The amazing former supermodel Pat Cleveland hanging out backstage! She came to support her daughter, Anna van Ravenstein, who walked in the show. The mom and daughter duo both walked in the Fashion Relief For Haiti Fund show last week.
Former model turned TV host Veronica Webb chatted backstage with J. Alexander (ie ‘Miss Jay). She noted his painted nails. He said he got this cool new ring (see below; yes, it’s all one ring) and wanted his nails to match. And he swears that he’s really not that gay and that he just enjoys painting his nails…*side eye*
Model Alek Wek is back on the runway! Well, at least she was for the Zac Posen show. She said that since she’s been modeling for so long now that she only walks in shows here and there. Right now, she’s busy focusing on other bigger, better projects abroad in Paris and London. Sigh, if I only could say the same….
I really do think that if I had this jacket in my wardrobe that it’d change my life….
The same can also be said for this dress.
The finished makeup look. I thought there was something very poetic in how this lovely photo was just laying on the ground next to the makeup artists stands, so I took a pic lol

Backstage Beauty: L.A.M.B. Fall 2010

Hey Glamazons! Today has been a rather tumultuous one. I woke up early in order to get backstage and cover beauty looks for the Mackage Fall 2010 show at the tents for (side note: one of my many side hustles for the week includes doing video coverage of Fashion Week for, so be sure to check it out!); then met up with my fabulous friend Elaine to head backstage for a sneak peek at BCBG. (We got there entirely too late, but I did get to chat with the amazing Jan Arnold, Co-Founder & Style Director for Creative Nail Design, about the nail look for the show.) Here’s what she had to say:
“It’s a very modern manicure,” she said. “A very pale nude, but not opaque and no high shine. It goes well with the Avatar hair and the clean face.”
We made it to our seats just in time to catch the show! Afterwards, we headed into the main part of the tents and I ran into my good friend Zandile who told me the shocking news about Alexander McQueen. (Which, as you know Coutura and I were so saddened by. Check out our tribute here.)
I then ran off to one of my fave spots in the city (the Rita Hazan Salon) to see my love Adrian for a quick root touch up and color glaze. (Because, as I’ve said before, my hair can never be blonde enough in life.)

After a quick blow out and styling sesh with Luden, I was ready to jet to my next destination at MILK Studios for backstage beauty coverage of the L.A.M.B. show.
While there, I was chatting with celebrity hairstylist Danilo (he was heading up the hair team to create looks for the show; he’s also Gwen Stefani’s hairstylist…that’s him below).
While he was proclaiming his love for my freshly blonde locks (and I was declaring my love for him), up walks Gwen holding her youngest son. Oh, be still my heart! I’ve had the hugest girl crush on her since junior high school! She’s so gorge…and so sweet! Sigh.
I digress. Here’s what Danilo had to say about the hair looks being created:
“The look was feminine and sweet with a bit of edge. A center part was created and then a 1/2 inch barrel curling iron was used to create the curls. A faux bang from the line ‘Hair You Wear; was also applied to some of the models in order to add a 1930’s glamour look.”
On to my fave part: the makeup. Head makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury (for MAC) described the look as “a young 1930’s prostitute.”
“Lips were a dramatic shaded mix of red and black, skin was pale and the eyeshadow was black and brooding. It’s a very rock and roll eye. The whole look is just wild and sexy. It’s like she’s been out all night.”
Jan Arnold described the nail look as “1930’s glamour with street edge.”
“There’s a lot of leather and sharp elements in the collection; a lot of texture this season,” she said. “I think the nails match this look. They look very wet; as if they never dried.”
While I wanted to stay and watch the show (ok, I’ll confess: I really just wanted to stay and stare at Gwen lol), I had to hurry and get to the Ports 1961 show at the tents.
Check out the pictures and tell us what you think about the look!

It’s All About a Catalyst

Hey Glamazons! Speaking of my new new super cute short layered haircut (well, short for me anyways…I’ve never had so much of my own natural hair cut off this much!), I wanted to tell you all about the perfect hair product that I’ve found to match my perfect short layered cut:
This amazing concotion of what seems to be part serum and part cream (note the dual sides below) actually utilizes a “patent-pending Ionicon Polymer Technology that creates separation and weight dispersion through negatively charged macromolecules that repel each other and created controlled separation.” (According to the press release.) But, forget about the weird science technical definition. All you need to know is that it’s lightweight, non-sticky and will leave you with perfect shagalicious hair. The whole point of this product is for you to maintain that fresh “I just got a haircut yesterday” look when you really may have gotten it cut two weeks ago. Because it’s heat activated, you can use it right after you wash your hair and before you blow dry it, or as a daily styler. Just be sure to apply it from scalp to root. (No, it won’t weight your hair down and make it all greasy and gross, either!)
And (because no two haircuts are created equal), the brand also has catalysts for these other haircuts as well:
The Bob – For the forward flowing angular cut that utilizes clean geometric lines to delicately define the shape of the face.
The Pixie – For the cropped, tailored cut that’s super short and can be worn smooth and sleek or deliberately tousled.
The Blunt Cut – For the precision cut that’s typified by the even, unified length from root to end with clean lines and blunt edges for a sleek silhouette.
Long Layers – Keeps your layers connected so they never fall flat. *News Flash: My beauty blogging friend Megan McIntyre from Daily Makeover just informed me last night that she’s been using this product and her boyfriend can’t stop complimenting her on her hair! Yes, it’s that great.
There are also sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners in the line as well:
Dry Hair Shampoo *Side Note: Tested it along with the Deep Conditioner on Saturday night and it left my tresses super soft and manageable.
Light Conditioner
Medium Conditioner
Deep Conditioner
Prices: Catalysts, $28 each; Shampoos and Conditioners, $22 each
All products are currently available exclusively at Sephora and so go and get yours now and I dare you to tell me that you don’t love it!! =)
*News Flash: Reading this and really wanna try it but not sure which catalyst you need? Brand ambassador Kyan Douglas (you know him best as that super cute grooming expert from the TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) will be at the Sephora Times Square this Saturday (Feb. 13) from noon to 6 p.m. to answer any and all of your questions about the brand. So now you really have no excuse but to go and get this product.