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Another Reason to Love DSW: Boots for Wider Calves

Hey Glamazons,
Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of fabulous knee-high boots only to realize you can’t zip them up over your calves?
Since I have small feet and oddly huge calves, I’ve went through this scenario plenty of times and let me tell you, it’s a heartbreaking, harrowing experience.
Everyone in the store is watching and laughing as you struggle, with both hands, to zip yourself into a pair of boots. When you are ultimately unsuccessful, your emotions turn from embarassment to frustration to anger. I mean, who are the boots even made for? Barbies?
Well, good news for every woman that’s endured the angst of knee boots that won’t zip up over your legs:
DSW has put together a selection of boots that fit wider calves. (Sidenote: DSW also happens to be my favorite shoe store, so much so that I avoid Union Square in an effort not to spend my rent money in one shopping trip.)
Its stylish assortment of boots, from Steve Madden to Bandolini, are made to accommodate women with wider calves and ensure a comfortable fit. Yes, ladies, our days of popping zippers and relegating ourselves to stretchy knee-high boots are officially OVER.
And in true DSW form, the shoes are affordable AND fashionable. Don’t you see why I love that store?
Check out some of my favorites from the collection below and click here for more.

Madden Girl boots, $60.

Diba boots, $75.

Coconut boots, $140.

Bandolini boots, $80.