Magazine Glam: Sade covers EBONY Magazine

Hey Glamazons! You all know about my unhealthy obsession with Sade. I was beyond excited when I heard the news about her latest album, Soldier of Love, and I near ’bout had a heart attack when I heard news that the singing siren would be on the cover of the April 2010 issue of EBONY magazine. Oh, be still thine heart! In the issue, Sade addresses her 10 year hiatus and even lets the mag peep into her studio time. Sigh, I would die to be by her side while she’s singing.

Issue hits stands March 9th, so be sure to cop that!

Magazine Glam: Liya Kebede Channels Salt-N-Pepa for V Magazine

Am I getting old?

The funky, fresh vibe that characterized women in 90’s hip hop is now the inspiration for the Spring season. I remember growing up watching Salt-N-Pepa’s flavorful fashions—funky, colored hair, tons of gold jewelry, doorknockers, loud, colorful clothes—and thinking it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Well, it seems the 90’s look is back with a vengeance with denim jackets, cut-off shirts, bare midriffs, dookie chains, bold brights, acid wash jeans and loud prints hot again for Summer.

One of my favorite models, Liya Kebede, alongside Lily Donaldson, captured the look in an editorial spread for the upcoming April V Magazine. Here’s a peek at the 10-page spread, shot by Josh Olins.

Do you love it?

And for old times sake, I included my favorite video, Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop” at the end of the post. I knew every word to this song as a little girl. Love the ’90’s!



GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce’s New High-Fashion Ads for House of Dereon

A faraway location. A gorgeous, flowing dress. A striking hairstyle. Beyonce pulled out all the high-fashion stops for her latest ad campaign for House of Dereon

Shot against a volcano in Santorini, Greece, Beyonce wears a flowing, green watercolor halter dress and a fuschia mini strapless dress with a side ruffle.

I live for her pompadour, but the fit of the fuschia dress seems all wrong! House of Dereon isn’t known for their construction, but to attempt an avante garde look, the fabric and fit of the garment must be immaculate. 

The shots of her flowing green dress are stunning. The chiffon dress boasts embroidery around the neckline and a majestic watercolor print that mirrors the land. Just beautiful. P.S. As a dancer, I find her leap with the mountains and sea in the background beyond breathtaking.

She also posed in more casual, everyday clothes for the campaign, wearing a gray blazer flanked with studs and heavy metal chains. In her signature over-the-top fashion, Beyonce wore a studded bracelet, a short denim studded skirt, smoky eyes and a shaggy blonde bang to complete the look. I’m on board—especially since for Fall, gray is the new black. Ow!

What do you think of the new ads, Glamazons? Glam or a Sham?




FIRST LOOK! Liberty of London for Target

After a stellar collaboration with MAC, Liberty of London is spreading their flower power to another retail giant: Target. The line, which hits stores this Sunday, March 14th, is full of easy, printed minis and maxis, with patterns ranging from paisley to…you guessed it…floral. 

Even the home items (a bike!) and menswear (love those ties and boxers!) have fun, cheeky prints that will add some life to your Spring wardrobe. 

The sweeping floral maxidresses and breezy jumpsuits just scream Summer getaway. Throw on some flats, grab a pair of shades and you’re good to go.

The trench and sheath give you a chic way to work florals for day. And, like a good London brand, the line offers a stylish pair of rain boots and umbrella for those rare summer storms.

Check out all the looks below and tell me what you’re scooping up when it hits stores Sunday.

Photos: Refinery29

WANTED: Naomi Campbell

Hey Glamazons! Oops, she’s done it again!

Right now, supermodel Naomi Campbell is somewhere hiding in a back alley here in the streets of New York. Well, Coutura and I like to think that she is. She’s probably really in one of her many secret penthouse suites somewhere chilling. Or maybe she’s hanging out backstage in the super secret VIP area in Madison Square Garden watching Jay-Z perform.
Why is she on the run?
According to a recent article in the NY Times, Campbell hit her driver (we’re assuming while he was driving) and then ran off when he pulled over. And this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of beating her help (we remember too well the incident with the maid…sigh).
I recently interviewed Naomi backstage at her Fashion For Haiti show during NYFW (click here to view it) and I must say that I thought at one point I did kind of fear for my life once she learned how late it was and quickly demanded that I be the last interviewer. I mean, I respect her as a person (what other model do we know that can bring it like that on the catwalk?!) but it remains clear that she’s crazy.
I recently attended two beauty events tonight (Clarins and Sunsilk…more on that later) and one of my cab drivers joked that he would totally pick her up if he saw her out on the streets tonight.
Here’s hoping that she doesn’t hurt anyone else while out on the loose! Be safe out there, friends!

Sex Sells, but is T.I.’s Clothing Ad Taking it Too Far?

What does simulated oral sex have to do with jeans?

Everything, according to T.I.’s clothing brand, AKOO. Their advertisement, which graces a billboard in Newark, New Jersey (woot! woot! Sorry, Jersey girl moment), depicts a woman pulling down a man’s AKOO jeans, with his hand lovingly dictating what she should do with her head. Sigh.

There’s been nothing short of an uproar among Jersey residents about the explicit nature of the ad. Even the mayor spoke up, but his gripe wasn’t about the simulation, it was about the jeans sagging off the male model’s behind…umm, so simulated oral sex in tight jeans is better?

Anyway, I do agree that the ad is not something I’d want my impressionable, pre-pubescent cousin to see while out and about in Newark.

But as we all know, billboard sex is all too common in the high-end fashion world, with Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana being repeat offenders. They make AKOO’s ad look tame. Check out some jaw-dropping risque ads below (NSFW).

Implied gang rape at Dolce & Gabbana.

Simulated orgy at Calvin Klein.

Eva Mendes’ boobs at Calvin Klein.

Pretend Masturbation at Emanuel Ungaro.

Simulated oral sex again at Puma.

Yes, I guess it catches your eye when you’re stuck in traffic on a city street. But is it socially responsible to put these offensive ads out there? 

And what in the world does it have to do with clothes? Sex sells, yes, but vulgarity won’t encourage me to purchase a pair of jeans. Thoughts?

UPDATE: T.I.’s ad has been taken down from the billboard in Newark. Do you think removing the ad is excessive or understandable?



Designer Crush: Jasmine Pennamma

Imagine that it’s Fashion Week. You’re on the VIP list for a swanky evening party, and all the hottest celebrities will be in attendance. To look the part, you put your most fabulous dress—the one that everyone compliments—in the cleaner’s. And now, the day of the soiree, the cleaner’s is closed.

Most fashionistas would immediately have a nervous breakdown. Not Jasmine Pennamma.

The resourceful style maven wore a white shirt and jeans and made some spellbinding, statement-making jewelry on the spot. No one could stop talking about Jasmine’s incredible jewels. And as a designer, if the Fashion Week crowd loves you, you’re IN. The rest is history.

Jasmine Pennamma’s line of jewelry combines the glamour and grit of New York City with the carefree, natural feel of the West Coast.

The handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces are a melange of earthy charm and street chic: turquoise, jade and opalite stones in modern styles like bold, cocktail rings and chain link necklaces.

My favorite piece from the collection is this edgy two-finger ring which is connected by a delicate gold chain and adorned with exquisite precious stones. It encapsulates the modern fashionista’s personality to a tee: bold, feminine and effortlessly cool.

This line is perfect for the girl who was born to stand out. She’s a little bit tough luxe, a tad pretty and 100% glamorous. Go to for more information on the designer and to shop the collection, which ranges from $90 to $285.