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Fashion’s Night Out with Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Estelle & Pharrell

Fashion’s Night Out was even more exciting and exhilarating than I expected. My only complaint is that it should have a whole week! It was IMPOSSIBLE to hit every event I wanted to in one night…and in 3-inch heels! I must say though, my friends and I made the most of the night. Let me start at the beginning.
After getting Minxed, I returned to the office for a run-through for our still life shoot the next day. Disaster ensued. Our boss wanted all new clothing samples and I literally had hours to get them all in. Fashion’s Night Out was looking less and less likely but…when there’s a will, there’s a way.
While Rachel Roy tweeted about the shaggy fur vest that was flying off the shelves of her pop-up store (follow her at @rachel_roy), I packed, did inventory and sent sample requests in under 15 minutes. I slipped on my military jacket, Dereon black booties and leopard print clutch and hit the road.
Here’s my friends, Patrice, Sandrine (who has an amazing art, fashion and lifestyle blog you have to check out!) and I hitting the road for Fashion’s Night Out!
We hopped in a cab downtown to the Billionaire Boy’s Club flagship store in Soho. First of all, Fashion’s Night Out in Soho felt like Halloween night for the fashion set. Everyone was dressed up and out on the town. There could have easily been a party outside – people were everywhere traipsing through the streets in heels and shades. The line in front of BBC in particular wrapped around the corner as “Faux-Rells” (our term for Pharrell wannabe’s) littered the streets decked out in head-to-toe in BBC gear. One girl from Arkansas had been waiting on line for four hours to get a glimpse of Pharrell. 
Inside, lucky shoppers enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cupcakes, and chatted with the N.E.R.D. frontman as he worked the register. Kid Cudi made a guest appearance to the delight of the crowd that spilled onto the Soho streets and hung out with his fellow artist friend once inside the shop. Very cool! 
Pharrell headed to Billionaire Boy’s Club.
We made it through the Kid Cudi fan crowd out alive and sauntered over to the Rachel Rachel Roy pop-up store to check out the collection. If you are a true Glamazon fan, you know I am in love—wait, obsessed—with Rachel Roy’s new collection for Macy’s. Seriously. I’ve been talking about the pop-up store since the preview in May. My favorites from the collection, like the watercolor dress I adore, were all on sale for unbelievable prices. Even cooler? She hosted a twitter contest for a free pair of peace earrings. The first ten people who showed her tweet about the earrings won a pair! So glam!
While guests waited for the ladies of the hour, Rachel Roy and host, Estelle, we were treated to Good Humor ice cream outside the shop (did I mention my two favorite loves are dessert and fashion?). 

My friend Patrice loving her free ice cream!
Once they arrived, looking beautiful of course, they chatted it up with shoppers and fans then just lounged and took in the scene. Here’s a picture they tweeted from Rachel Roy’s account ( I personally love the two of them together and cannot wait for their upcoming jewelry line
Just as we were preparing to head out, in walks Iman looking statuesque and flawless. Everyone in the store went crazy as no one was expecting a guest appearance from the famed model/mogul, who was as gracious and sweet as ever! We had a wonderful time hanging out with them, but there was so much more to see! 
We hit the Soho streets again only to run into a mob of fans chasing Vogue Editor-in-Chief and September Issue star, Anna Wintour down the street. I’ve never seen an impeccably-dressed fashion editor run so fast in my life. I’m sure after she got to safety, though, she was pleased with the great success of Fashion’s Night Out in NYC and all over the world (I heard London gave us a run for our money!). Congratulations, Queen Anna! Congratulations.
Inside Intermix, the diva of all divas was spotted hitting the dance floor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Rihanna, was partying inside the store in a hooded black dress, gloves, a spiky bracelet and these uber-cool studded sunglasses. Of course, she added a fierce red lip. Does it get any hotter than that? I don’t think so!
Once outside, we decided to hit up the Rocawear 25th Anniversary party uptown and as we went to hail a cab, we caught a glimpse of stylist to the stars, June Ambrose, modeling in the storefront window of Alexander McQueen! It was hilarious!!
At last, the final party of the night. We hit Rocawear’s 10th Anniversary party to celebrate the great success of the brand and rub shoulders with our fellow industry fashionistas and fashionistos. We ended the night partying to tunes from Jay-Z’s new album Blueprint 3 (LOVE Empire State of Mind with Alicia Keys) and shooting the breeze with Fashion’s elite. And as I’m rapping at the top of my lungs, who walks by? None other than Jay-Z dressed head-to-toe in black and wearing signature stunner shades. We even spotted Beyonce on the scene supporting her hubby! Unbelievable. 
Wow. I had no idea when I blogged earlier about Fashion’s Night Out, that I’d be shopping and partying with some of the hottest stars in the music biz. It was an amazing night and I loved every minute of it – can’t wait until the next one! Glamazons, what was your favorite moment of Fashion’s Night Out? Who was your favorite star sighting? And let me know what great pieces you bought at the events. 

NEW! Jay-Z Designs Charity Arthur Ashe T-Shirt

Hey Glamazons!

As I sorted through hundreds of emails (including electronic NYFW invites…woohoo!), I stumbled across a press release for yet another Jay-Z venture. While preparing for the release of the most-anticipated album of the Fall, the rap star found time to design a Rocawear t-shirt featuring legendary tennis great, Arthur Ashe, for the 2009 U.S. Open. Proceeds from the simple black tee sporting Ashe’s iconic image will go to the National Junior Tennis and Learning Network (NJTL) and the Arthur Ashe Endowment for the Defeat of Aids, both organizations Ashe founded. The Glamazons commend Jay-Z for giving back and acknowledging significant African-American contribution to a sport other than basketball (his actions completely redeem the rest of you design-stars (see last post)!). The limited-edition shirt will be released on the 40th anniversary of the NJTL in Ashe’s honor.

Arthur Ashe’s widow, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, told the press she was “thrilled that someone of Jay-Z’s stature would take part in this project. This shirt will honor the legacy of my husband and remind people of his contributions to both the sport of tennis and this country’s underprivileged youth.” Agreed. It’s wonderful that Jay-Z is lending his celebrity for a significant and worthy cause.

While Arthur Ashe gets inducted into the U.S. Court of Champions on September 10th, Jay-Z will be preparing for his Blueprint III album release and benefit concert on September 11th. Go out and support our favorite rapper with a heart of gold, and be sure to get the t-shirt for $36 at, or, if you’re lucky enough to be attending, the US Open in Queens.



Magazine Glam: All Dolled Up! Vogue Italia and Rocawear x So In Style Barbies


My Managing Editor just got her copy of July’s Vogue Italia supplement featuring the Black Barbie – AMAZING! I was in Europe when news hit that the EIC, Franca Sozzani, was dedicating the July issue to the iconic Black Barbie, so I saw all the pictures for the very first time in person. I have to say I was blown away.

Sozzani is the genius behind the Vogue Italia All Black Issue in July 2008, which produced groundbreaking sales and energized the discussion about diversity in the fashion world. Sozzani chose to follow up the All Black issue with the Barbie issue, as an homage to Barbie’s timeless, iconic status: “Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie,” Sozzani said.

You know black women love their hats! And yes to the posh blouse, skirt and trench!!

Love the Lil Kim wig and the Rage-esque Afro Puffs!
And check the platinum-blonde Chocolate diva below…

Not to complain – I love the tribute – but I’ll always wish Barbie could be a bit more shapely. Barbie is an ubiquitous part of popular culture and her influence on body image is immeasurable, thereby making her perpetuation of unattainable standards of beauty & booty even more damaging.

Mattel Designer, Stacey McBride-Irby, echoed my sentiments. After watching her five-year-old daughter play, Stacey was determined to create dolls that her daughter can be inspired by—dolls that truly celebrate cultural diversity through authentic details.

Introducing So In Style fashion dolls. Coming a long way from the inception of the first Black Barbie doll in 1980, the So In Style (S.I.S.) fashion doll boasts fuller lips, wider nose, defined cheekbones, curvy hips and curly hair you can actually style (seriously, Ferocia spent 15 minutes curling and spritzing the doll’s hair).

Stacey, who is also responsible for creating the AKA barbie doll, came to visit our office and hooked us each up with a doll. I kept mine for myself instead of giving it to my niece – I know, I’m wrong (I’ll buy her one, promise!). Mattel is officially launching the S.I.S. dolls this Fall – see the dolls below.

Here they are dressed in Rocawear…too cute!

You may not be able to tell how shapely the S.I.S. dolls are in pictures but after seeing them up close, I can definitely attest to their hips being wider and bottoms fuller.

Still, despite the impossibly thin physique of the traditional Black Barbie in Vogue, I find the supplement adorable and charming. What do you think? Will you pick up a July Vogue Italia issue? Do you think there’s a need for dolls like the S.I.S. Fashion Dolls? Would you buy one for the little girl in your life? Do you think the hair and look of the S.I.S. dolls truly represent black women? If not, what would you change to make them look more authentic? Discuss.