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How-To: Happy Halloween!

Like every glamazon on the planet, I was obsessed with Miss B’s make-up in the Kitty Kat video. Call it fierce ambition, but my girls and I were determined to re-create the look for my Halloween costume, Cat Woman.  The process ended up being simpler and shorter than we ever anticipated! Even the most uninitiated beauty girl (like myself) can achieve this look by mastering three easy steps, so graciously outlined by my cousin, Tish and executed by none other than Beautylicious.
1 –  Apply gold pigment powder (on top of a matching cream shadow) to the crease of the eye, the eyelid and below the eyebrow as your base color. L’Oreal has an amazing pigment powder that looks beautiful against any complexion!
2 –  Use fluid black liner, like Revlon’s Colorstay Liquid Liner, to draw small C’s (some forward, some backward) and D’s a similar length apart. *TIP: Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect! The look is funky and fierce, not polished. A little variety in size and shape goes a long way.

3 –  Shade within the C’s and D’s with mahogany brown shadow. 

Voila! Instant glamourization.  
The finished product:

Love it!
Have a safe and happy Halloween!