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Sex Sells, but is T.I.’s Clothing Ad Taking it Too Far?

What does simulated oral sex have to do with jeans?

Everything, according to T.I.’s clothing brand, AKOO. Their advertisement, which graces a billboard in Newark, New Jersey (woot! woot! Sorry, Jersey girl moment), depicts a woman pulling down a man’s AKOO jeans, with his hand lovingly dictating what she should do with her head. Sigh.

There’s been nothing short of an uproar among Jersey residents about the explicit nature of the ad. Even the mayor spoke up, but his gripe wasn’t about the simulation, it was about the jeans sagging off the male model’s behind…umm, so simulated oral sex in tight jeans is better?

Anyway, I do agree that the ad is not something I’d want my impressionable, pre-pubescent cousin to see while out and about in Newark.

But as we all know, billboard sex is all too common in the high-end fashion world, with Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana being repeat offenders. They make AKOO’s ad look tame. Check out some jaw-dropping risque ads below (NSFW).

Implied gang rape at Dolce & Gabbana.

Simulated orgy at Calvin Klein.

Eva Mendes’ boobs at Calvin Klein.

Pretend Masturbation at Emanuel Ungaro.

Simulated oral sex again at Puma.

Yes, I guess it catches your eye when you’re stuck in traffic on a city street. But is it socially responsible to put these offensive ads out there? 

And what in the world does it have to do with clothes? Sex sells, yes, but vulgarity won’t encourage me to purchase a pair of jeans. Thoughts?

UPDATE: T.I.’s ad has been taken down from the billboard in Newark. Do you think removing the ad is excessive or understandable?



Fall Trends! I <3 The 80’s

Hey Glamazons!!!
September’s arrived replete with falling leaves, shorter days and colder weather. While I live for new fashion trends (hello sexy 80’s!), it’s a huge hassle to overhaul your entire wardrobe, especially when you’re trying to save every penny you can. Sigh. The good news? You can dust the mothballs off your cold-weather staples and buy a few double-duty trendy pieces to transition you fashionably into Fall.
And as always, I’ve done the work for you and found items you can buy at your local malls and favorite websites – you love me, don’t you? Keep clicking back for a series of Fall Trend posts with celebrity style, runway looks and lots of tips and tricks to make the trend work for you! After the last post, print this guide, hit the malls and watch your closet transform on a dime.
80’s Baby!
The 80’s are here to stay (and will be around this Spring too!). Before you are overcome with nightmares of pouffy skirts and wild hair (see SATC above), note that the new 80’s remix is sharp and decidedly sophisticated this season. The 80’s girl is still fun and look-at-me glamorous, but she’s all grown-up now.
Shoulder Pads
Fashion goes back to the future with shoulder pads from the 80’s. You have my approval to go digging through your Mom’s closets for a sexy, early Madonna-inspired blouse or Micheal Jackson military jacket to rock the look.
Does it get any better than Rihanna’s Balmain white lace blouse with shoulder pads?

Coats and jackets, like Kim Kardashian’s, take on a commanding, powerful feel with strong shoulders this season. The key to nailing the severe silhouette without looking broad? Make sure to balance it with a nipped-in waist.
Marc Jacobs shows how to embrace the 80’s strong shoulder silhouette. The narrow waist adds a much-needed dose of femininity to the strong shoulder look. Added bonus? The voluminous shoulders make your waist look even tinier.

Piece to Buy: A Michael Jackson-inspired military jacket with shoulder pads. Go for the jacket with embellishments—studs, embroidery, sequins—that really makes a statement. Compliment by pairing with basics like a white tank and black skinny’s; a black jumpsuit; even a neon pink dress from summer.
I wore the military jacket with shoulder pads with a black sweater dress to a Honey Magazine party last week to rave reviews and was told it was everything by the gay guys (when they co-sign, you know you look good!). Rihanna, Kanye West, Angela Simmons and Beyonce all seem to agree.

Affordable brands, like Bebe and Topshop, are selling fab jackets this season that borrow from celeb-favorite Balmain in look and style. An even better deal? Add shoulder pads to the blazer/jacket you already own. Just make sure the fabric is strong enough to withstand the extra padding.
80’s Haute Pink
Electric pink hues are this season’s bright idea. But in flashy florescent shades that work with every skin tone, they’re anything but pretty. Just like in my guide to summer brights, remember to pair this bold shade with neutrals like gray and black to tone down the explosion of color (unless you’re Heidi Klum and can rock a head-to-toe pink suit).
Marc Jacobs delivers again with a sexy hot pink look offset with black accents.

Dolce & Gabbana showed a ruched fitted hot pink dress with shoulder pads and a narrow waist.

Heidi Klum thinks pink in a sexy suit.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon proves that pink is the new black.
Piece to buy: Neon blouses that mesh brilliantly with your toned-down neutral staples. They have more versatility than you think. You can wear a neon pink blouse under a gray suit at work just as easily as you can rock it with a black miniskirt and leather jacket for the club.

Acid Wash Jeans

Grab your favorite pair of acid wash jeans from 1987 because they’re back and more popular than ever this season! The update? Acid wash skinny leg jeans. The look can be cropped, distressed or ripped, but always fitted.
Balmain showed an 80’s redux with military jackets and sexy acid-wash jeans.

Rihanna and Beyonce rock light and dark versions of the acid wash trend. Their colored accessories pop perfectly against the faded wash.

Kim Kardashian rocks the trend in a sleek acid-wash jacket. Loves! If you really want to embrace the decade’s comeback, go for an acid wash denim vest, an 80’s wardrope staple.
Get the look from your fave websites and stores:

And I absolutely adore these plus-size acid-wash jeans from Torrid:

Stay tuned for more!