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Fashion Week: Robert Verdi Lounge with Ginger & Liz

By the end of Fashion Week, editors are the walking dead in Louboutins and Jimmy Choos. As fun as it looks, trekking from show to show without a second to breathe, eat or sleep is not for the faint of heart. The Future of Fashion lounge, hosted by TV personality and style expert, Robert Verdi, was the perfect antidote for stressed writers, bloggers and even celebs.

Nestled in the center of the Fashion Week circus, the Luxe lab was transformed into a fashion and beauty oasis, with makeup, hair and nail applications and cocktails courtesy of the new Absolut Berri Acai. Celebs, like June Ambrose and Miss J, who I ran into getting his nails did, stopped by to take a much-deserved break between shows and mingle with the creme de la creme of the Fashion world.
But that’s not the best part. Robert Verdi’s lounge is the perfect place to discover the new and the next in Fashion and Beauty. Robert Verdi has the earned the moniker, the gay Oprah (Goprah) for his penchant for finding the best and brightest brands in the biz. (P.S. While chatting, we realized we went to the same high school in New Jersey! He’s so my gay boyfriend in my head but I digress…)
Once you get the Robert Verdi stamp of approval, it’s a known fact that you’re on your way to a whirlwind of success. And that success is well-deserved. Each brand he embraces has something special about them—whether it’s a fresh take on makeup packaging or innovative shapewear technology that’s nowhere else on the market. 
Robert Verdi’s nail lacquer line of choice? Ginger & Liz. The haute nail polish brand, which I covered on The Glamazons in November, was founded by model/author, Liz, and entrepreneur, Ginger. With sassy names like “Put a Ring on It,” “Swagger,” and “Boss Lady,” each color is rich, chic and fashion-forward. 
Celebrity nail artists like Kimmie Kyees (Rihanna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry) and Tracy Lee (who works at Damone Roberts salons) say the quality of the Ginger & Liz line is just as great as the color choices. While hooking up my mani, my nail tech said “the polish is thick and only needs a few coats, and lasts longer than most nail polishes on the market.” And she’s absolutely right. A week later, my nail polish hasn’t chipped at all. 
From the conservative career woman to the fashion-loving risktaker, there’s a color for everyone. I chose the new, gorgeous unnamed gray color that everyone’s talking about (Tweet @gingerandliz with name suggestions!) and for my ring finger, I picked the amazing taxi yellow hue, “Caution.” 
Me getting my nails done. Yes, I’m always on the phone.
Finished product—isn’t it amazing? The gray color and “Caution” are a match made in heaven.
The adorable “Liz” of Ginger & Liz with multicolor nail polish. I’m so proud of their success (P.S. I knew they were gonna be huge!)
Miss J painted each nail in a Ginger & Liz hue to match his fierce multi-finger ring. Werk!
June Ambrose posted a Twitpic of herself getting a cute Ginger & Liz mani at the lounge.
While sipping on Absolut Berri Acai (which mixes amazingly well with everything from juice to champagne. Trust me, I’ve tried), I checked out the Jouer Cosmetics makeup stand, which is a French line of chic and modern cosmetics. The intelligent packaging for Jouer, which means “play” in French, allows you to do just that. You can attach different shadows to customize your portable makeup palette. Fabulous!
Once Beautylicious and my nails were hooked up and faces were beat, we snacked on the delicious Popcorn Indian Kettle Corn (see below, yum!) and checked out the fashion brands. Robert Verdi featured the new Maidenform bra that adds two cup sizes to your bustline and ShaToBu shapewear, the innovative brand that burns calories while you wear it! I need ShaToBu in my life pronto to get right and tight for the summertime. 
Check out some pics of us hanging out at the lounge below! Fun times.
Beautylicious and I looking pretty and sipping Absolut Berri Acai and lemonade earlier in the week.
Here’s this adorable model I met at the lounge! I had to take a pic with him. Fierce.

His cut was some kind of amazing.

Nail the Look with Ginger and Liz

Hey Glamazons,
From Beyonce’s metallic color to Rihanna’s dagger nails, celebrities are making the statement on their fingers this Fall. “Ginger” Johnson and Sara “Liz” Pickett, the burgeoning beauty moguls behind popular nail lacquer line, Ginger & Liz, spoke with The Glamazons about the top Fall trends for your pretty pointers.

Meet the ladies behind “Ginger and Liz.” Model/author, Sara “Liz” Pickett, and media mogul, “Ginger” Johnson, created the line to share their insatiable love of fashion and beauty with style-conscious women everywhere!
Now, the buzzworthy brand is quickly becoming a celeb favorite (check them out on MTV’s The Hill’s Heidi Montag below)! Check their website and follow them on twitter at @gingerandliz.
Matte About You
According to the Ginger & Liz girls, the hottest nail trend for Fall takes some downtime from shine. This season calls for manis and pedis in uber-matte colors.

Dagger Swagger
Spotted on Rihanna and Solange’s digits, daring dagger nails are back with a vengeance this season. Paint your nails in Ginger & Liz color, Boss Lady, for a true Vampire Vixen moment.

Gorgeous in Green
Don’t do away with the colors of summer just yet! Ginger & Liz guru, Ginger Johnson, says jade green will shine on into the Fall season.

In Living Color
Why choose one color when you can wear all five? That’s the message behind the popular multicolor nail craze, where every digit is painted a different hue.
In order to look more trendy than trashy, Ginger Johnson warns: “Choose the right sequence of the colors and color family.” Her top Ginger & Liz picks for the multicolor look? Heartbreaker, He’s So Into Me, Boy Toy, Swagger, Reality Check.

-One Hit Wonder
Is the multicolor trend too funky for you? Try the safer, office-friendly alternative: “The more subdued move is paint one nail in Boy Toy and He’s So Into Me on all your other nails,” says Sara “Liz” Pickett. “The ring finger looks the best.”

-Fly Me to the Moon!
Tired of the same old French manicure? The new half-moon mani is the fresh, glamorous alternative.
Here’s the look: nails are polished in one color, while the half-moon shape at the bottom of the nail is painted in another hue or left completely bare. “People are doing it in black and white, but don’t be scared to experiment with color too,” says Ginger.

-Heavy Metal
From shimmery gold to sparkling silver, there are a million ways to dazzle this season. Add a dose of scintillating shine to your peepers with celeb favorite, Ginger & Liz’s Swagger.

-Do The White Thing
Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? On your nails, that is. Pure white and off-white nails are a huge Trend carrying over from Spring, appearing everywhere from runways to the red carpet.
For inquiries about the Ginger & Liz polishes you see here, email or visit



Photos: Chanel. Getty. Ginger and Liz.