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Retail Therapy: The Glamazons Hit H&M

So after a week of runway shows, one would think the last thing Ferocia and I want to see is clothes…wrong! Retail therapy (and an upcoming spa session we’ll share with you!) is one of the best ways to decompress after the Fashion Week circus.

And while we lust after Louboutins and crave Christian Dior, retail therapy is only great when you don’t have to cope with the shame of overspending later. H&M solves that problem with affordable, chic finds.

And the guilt of supporting a business that wastes clothes, instead of donating them has also been lifted. Though H&M has had plenty of drama this year, we’re happy to report they are donating unsold clothes to charities. (Apparently, that was the policy all along but the 34th Street H&M wasn’t following protocol, according to Nicole Christie, a spokesperson for H&M via The New York Times.) Hmm…as long as the clothes are going to charity NOW, I’m okay with it.

After discussing blog plans over dinner (great things coming soon! stay tuned!), Ferocia and I hit the H&M near Union Square to pick up some stylish separates to mix and match with our wardrobes at home (investment pieces, people! and we threw in some tops we just had to have because they were cute!).

While the sales associates scratched their heads, we posed, strutted and modeled our H&M picks. Check out our silly shots below and vote on what piece you love and what you’re not so crazy about.

It’s all about lace! Check out my slinky, black lace dress. (P.S. Excuse the winter gear—Aldo patent leather Russian hat and Marc Jacobs rain boots—it’s a neverending rainstorm in NYC right now)
Ferocia’s giving some sparkle for day in a glittery, sequin vest. I live!
Pink lace dress is just a bit too racy and uberfeminine (it’s lace AND pink)…so to tone it down…

…I pair it with a gray, oversized blazer. Perfect mix of masculine and feminine.
A geometric pattern and bright colors turn a plain black dress into a showstopper! Love this look on Ferocia
Here’s her giving her best high-fashion curved back model pose. Hehe
Love this cute nautical dress with gold buttons and detailing! Chic!

I’m going to live in this military jacket come Spring! And to mix things up, I’m rocking it with all my floral, ruffled dresses. It’s all about soft and structured pairings. Get into it!

If you follow Ferocia on Twitter, you know she goes crazy for a fierce, red lip. Now, she has the shirt to match her Ruffian Red lips. Gorg.
What do you think of our picks? Where do you go for fun, guiltfree retail therapy?



A Day in the Life: Elle Magazine and MTV’s The City, Sonia Rykiel pour H&M with Chanel Iman

Hey Glamazons!

What a night. Ferocia and I are already tired and New York Fashion Week hasn’t even started yet. The reason behind our sleep deprivation? A string of fabulous launches and parties that took place in the city yesterday evening, from the Guess by Marciano and Elle Magazine event to the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M knitwear launch.

Dressed in my Topshop military jacket, leggings and studded boots, I met up with Ferocia (in a cute ruffle top) at Sephora on Fifth Avenue to check out the limited edition Stella McCartney Stella perfume necklace (the perfect VDay gift! Ferocia will give you more on that later). After chatting with the fab PR rep and spraying on Stella (which smells amazing), we prepared to traipse through the NYC cold downtown for the Elle Magazine event.

Held at the Guess by Marciano store in Soho, the party drew out the glitteratti of the New York social scene. A handsome crowd of editors, bloggers, socialites and tastemakers mingled and sipped delicious cocktails (served by equally delicious and handsome waiters).

After breezing past the line, Ferocia and I walked inside and right into a taping of MTV’s “The City.” The MTV filming crew surrounded a gorgeous, fresh-faced Whitney Port (is she really that tall or am I really short?), her friend Roxy and…the sole reason I watch the show–Elle Magazine Creative Director, Joe Zee. I’ve followed Joe Zee’s career for ages and think he’s as talented as he is adorable. We took a picture together above. Don’t you just want to squeeze his cheeks?

While MTV filmed, Ferocia and I made the rounds, running into some of our friends from POSHGLAM, MTV and Elle Magazine—and fans of the blog who we were so excited to meet! (P.S. if you ever see us out and about, please don’t be scared to say Hi! We love to see the faces behind the comments).

Check out our pic with one of our fave publicists, Laura Hinds and Shaun Harrison of MTV. Yes, if you work in entertainment, wearing black is a requirement, lol. Fun times!

Next, we hopped into a cab and ventured to the Sonia Rykiel pour H&M knitwear launch. Held at Bobo, a swanky venue downtown, the party had a posh, Parisian vibe with dark, moody lighting and an intimate, well-dressed crowd. The party was hosted by Rykiel’s daughter, Nathalie and celeb guests like Michelle Williams, Amanda Hearst and Leighton Meister and Kelly Rutherford of CW’s Gossip Girl came out to show support.

Though I gave the knitwear a glowing Glamazon review last month, I found it to be even more chic, vibrant and wearable in person. I’ve got my eye on that pale pink sweater dress – very sexy sophisticate.

After seeing the clothes, we headed downstairs to check out a casually-dressed Chanel Iman spinning the tunes from Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” to Cheryl Lynn’s “To Be Real.” With her boyfriend by her side, she kept people moving nonstop on the dance floor (maybe a new Solange-esque side hustle is in her future?).

Though we could have danced all night long, Ferocia had a editor event for Salvatore Ferragamo’s new Women’s fragrance this morning, and I had an interview scheduled with Marc Bouwer (the talent behind the dress Beyonce wore to the Heat launch party) this afternoon. Not to mention, that we’re storing up all the sleep we can before the runway shows start.

Still, it was a fabulous night totally worth the cold…and the perfect way to start what promises to be a fun-filled Fashion Week!



Since When is Volunteering a Requirement? In (Slight) Defense of H&M

Hey Glamazons,

I know I’ve offended some of you with that headline but hear me out.

Last night, I went to Penn Station with a group of friends to hand out scarves, gloves and coffee to homeless people. One of my guy friends, who actually worked as the Fashion Director of a popular magazine, coordinated the Penn Station outing.

I knew I wanted to be a part of it as giving back is something that comes natural to me. I have a lot of compassion, and I’m not just saying that to be lauded.

Seeing people suffer infuriates me. I know the way the world is, and that we live in a capitalist society, but I (somewhat naively) cling to the notion that it’s just unfair for people to starve and live outside in the bitter cold. So though I can’t change the world, I find that giving back is very healthy and fulfilling to me.

Not everyone is the same way. Before I left, I asked my good friend if she wanted to join. She paused, before informing me that nothing was pulling her away from a heated apartment and into the bitter cold night. I understood and left it alone. Why? Because I believe, strongly, that helping the homeless is volunteer work. And volunteer, by definition, is an act that a person chooses to do. It is NOT required of them.

Too often, people that participate in charities can’t feel great about their efforts without criticizing others who don’t partake. I don’t think that’s fair. The personal choice I make to give back is something that shouldn’t be imposed on other people.

Our contribution yesterday of coffee, scarves and gloves, however small, had a significant impact on the homeless people we met. It touched them that we cared and spoke with them and laughed with them and treated them like people. I find the notion that I touched someone and helped someone in the smallest way very rewarding. However, if the next person doesn’t, I don’t hold it against them.

That’s why I’m on the fence about the uproar surrounding the Herald Square H&M’s disposal of clothes that aren’t purchased via I’m sure they join a long list of companies, like restaurants, who do away with their product once they’re certain it won’t be sold. Do I like it? Of course not.

But I certainly won’t condemn and slander H&M because of it. It may not be the most morally upright practice, but it’s not against the law. And more importantly, it’s their decision no matter what we all feel they should do.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m sure they have their reasons for not donating those clothes to the homeless. Maybe there is a degree of selfishness attached to it, like my friend suggested over the phone. Perhaps it’s because, as a commenter on the Cut Blog claimed, no one wants to see a military jacket they paid a grip for given out to someone for free. (For the record, I actually wouldn’t mind. It was going to the trash anyway and if it’s going to someone in need, I’m with it). Another argued that if H&M clothes are given away for free, why would we have any incentive to buy them? The most viable explanation I’ve heard is that they don’t want it recycled back into the market and resold.

I personally would prefer if, instead of discarding these clothes, the Herald Square H&M donated them to one of the many clothing drives that give back to the homeless throughout New York City. That’s what I do to the hoards of dresses I never wear, and it feels good. But I’m a young, compassionate woman who enjoys giving back. Not the manager of a multi-million dollar franchise. And we should be able to have a difference of opinion without it getting ugly.

What do you think, Glamazons? Will you still shop at H&M knowing that they’ve discarded clothes that weren’t purchased? Do you think they are obligated to give back?





FIRST LOOK! Sonia Rykiel pour H&M Knitwear

Hey Glamazons!

Last month when we covered the launch of Sonia Rykiel pour H&M lingerie line and the spectacular fashion show, we alluded to the knitwear collection for women and girls (1.5-8 years old) that would debut soon after. Well, the images from the knitwear line are finally here and the collection has accomplished the impossible by making cozy knits fun, energetic and sexy.

Take a look at the collection below which fuses 80’s-esque loud and vivid color with relaxed, casual silhouettes like leggings and oversized sweaters.

I love the collection’s fun, youthful energy and girly accessories like those adorable crystal-studded bourets. Very young, Parisian chic.

Check it out and tell me what you’ve got your eye on to pick up when it hit stores February 20. I love those slouchy overalls and the contrast of the off-the-shoulder sweater. Think I’ll get that for myself and my 3-year old goddaughter/diva in training. We need that to live!



Photos: H&M.

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M Launches with Paris Show – In Stores Tomorrow!

Hey Glamazons!

Think the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was the most glamorous lingerie showcase of the season? Think again. Sonia Rykiel for H&M launched with an extravagant display across the pond that gave the Angels a run for their money.

Inspired by Alice and Wonderland, the show was an elaborate presentation of romance and fantasy at the Grand Palais in Paris. Beneath a replica of the Eiffel Tower, models, including Lily Cole (below), posed on luxurious, silk sheets, sat on crystal chandeliers and played on swings atop a stage sprinkled with glitter. Kate Bosworth and fellow French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier (who is doing a line for Target!), came out to show their support.

The lingerie was as glamorous as the backdrop with 50’s pin-up inspired silhouettes and feminine flourishes like jewels and rosettes.

Check out video from the show and red carpet below. What do you think of Sonia Rykiel for H&M’s extravagant show? Will you shop the collection (which starts at $12!) when it hits 1,500 H&M stores and Sonia Rykiel boutiques TOMORROW, December 5th?



Photos: H&M

In Stores TODAY! Jimmy Choo for H+M

Hey Glamazons!

Stop what you’re doing now…no, right now…and run to your nearest H&M!

Jimmy Choo for H&M has finally hit stores and the glamorous collection is everything you’d expect and more!!!

Ferocia and I pre-shopped the collection at the Editor Event on 5th Avenue last night and were both in shoe-shopping heaven.

The store was transformed into a luxe boutique, perfect for a red-carpet fete.

The mannequins, who never looked so fabulous, sat on plush couches surrounded by sparkling jewelry.

The bartenders and waiters (who easily could be models) kept the drinks and hors dourves coming.

The incredible DJ, DJ M.O.S., spun the hottest records all night long from “Groove is in the Heart,” to classic 80’s Madonna and Michael Jackson. (One of the best DJ’s spinning in the city—and that says a lot because I am a music buff and hard to please. Check him out on and

And celebrity stylist du jour, June Ambrose, came out for the event and even chatted with Ferocia about how much she loves our blog! Umm…we love YOU more. Thanks for reading!

Can you imagine a better shopping party?
However, most importantly, the collection blew our minds. Our favorites?

An irrestibly sexy black minidress with shoulder pads and sparkles that scream glamour! An adorable black shaggy fur vest! (Both below)

A black/silver sequin oversized tank that Ferocia and I both had to have! A bib choker necklace with jewels I added to my collection that will elevate any look! (Modeled above by June Ambrose)

And the shoes!! While the thigh-high boots swallowed up my leg when I tried them on (taller ladies may have better luck), the booties and sandals were the hottest I’ve ever seen at an H&M store. We loved the strappy red patent leather sandals (the DEFINITION of sexy) but ended up buying the following shoes:
Ferocia scored these studded black sandals and gray suede open toe booties (below)!

And as I told you last month, I finally tried on and purchased my favorite cobalt blue patent leather shoes that look even better on my feet than they did in the promo pics (below)!

You should know something about Ferocia and I – we like shoes more than chocolate, even more than boys.

Example: Ferocia got stood up by her date (she’ll give you deets later) and the new shoes totally made up for it. I’ve had the week from Hades (my best friend lost her job, drama with the boo, etc. etc.) yet my shoe purchases (from Jimmy Choo for H&M and the Louboutin sample sale!) make me happy and never let me down!

Retail therapy has never felt good. And we got a silver multistrand bracelet in the gift bags – amazing!

Now that you’ve seen the pictures and read all the details—it’s finally time to shop! Send an email to or hit us on Twitter (@glamazonsblog) and let us know what you think about the collection and what amazing Jimmy Choo for H&M finds you added to your wardrobe!
Happy Shopping!
Coutura & Ferocia

NEW!! Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Hey Glamazons!
After blowing us all away with the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection, H&M has announced their newest designer line, Sonia Rykiel for H&M. For the first time ever, this collaboration will be lingerie-focused. Sonia Rykiel’s collection promises to be as modern and romantic as you’d expect from the red-headed Queen of Parisian chic. It will be available in 1,500 H&M stores worldwide—and Sonia Rykiel boutiques!—on December 5, 2009. Get ready for wearable, elegant lingerie that can stand alone or be layered underneath your everyday clothes (trust me on this! I go crazy for lace peeking out of a cardigan).
Another first? Sonia Rykiel will then follow up to her lingerie collection with a knitwear line for women and girls (1.5 to 8 years old), accompanied by playful accessories, on February 20, 2010.

Amazing! Can’t wait…