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A Day in the Life: I Heart Ronson for JCPenney Summer BBQ Bash

Hey Glamazons!

As soon as I got the invite for the I Heart Ronson BBQ at the Piers, I knew I couldn’t miss the event! Of all the JCPenney lines (including Fabulosity), I Heart Ronson is the most meticulously executed and expertly designed. On August 20th, I had the pleasure of attending the star-studded event with Beautylicious and Michel (who both have amazing blogs you should absolutely check out) and it was as fun as I expected.

We thoroughly enjoyed the music, which included a performance by Mark Ronson, the free drinks, the It-girl celeb sightings (Alexa Chung, Hillary Duff, Mischa Barton, Zoe Kravitz (who I adore!)) and the beautiful view of the Hudson river. The food left something to be desired but who cares when you’re bbqing on a pink I Heart Ronson grill? Exactly.

Zoe Kravitz looking adorable as usual!

The Ronson family – too cute!

The socialite du jour Genevieve Jones was there.

Mischa Barton made an appearance in a black and pink floral ensemble.

It-Brit girl Alexa Chung showed up to the festivities.

Yours truly having a glass of wine overlooking the Hudson.

They even had a closet for editors where you got to choose one piece from the Fall collection. I snagged the paisley print dress and Beautylicious scored a chic, boyfriend striped cardigan (see both in the first image below). Can’t wait to wear it during Fashion Week! The whole collection is amazing—sophisticated, effortless chic with a vintage feel. Check out the rest of the Fall 2009 looks, available at select JCPenney’s stores for next to nothing (seriously, the price range is $15-$72).