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Retail Therapy: The Glamazons Hit H&M

So after a week of runway shows, one would think the last thing Ferocia and I want to see is clothes…wrong! Retail therapy (and an upcoming spa session we’ll share with you!) is one of the best ways to decompress after the Fashion Week circus.

And while we lust after Louboutins and crave Christian Dior, retail therapy is only great when you don’t have to cope with the shame of overspending later. H&M solves that problem with affordable, chic finds.

And the guilt of supporting a business that wastes clothes, instead of donating them has also been lifted. Though H&M has had plenty of drama this year, we’re happy to report they are donating unsold clothes to charities. (Apparently, that was the policy all along but the 34th Street H&M wasn’t following protocol, according to Nicole Christie, a spokesperson for H&M via The New York Times.) Hmm…as long as the clothes are going to charity NOW, I’m okay with it.

After discussing blog plans over dinner (great things coming soon! stay tuned!), Ferocia and I hit the H&M near Union Square to pick up some stylish separates to mix and match with our wardrobes at home (investment pieces, people! and we threw in some tops we just had to have because they were cute!).

While the sales associates scratched their heads, we posed, strutted and modeled our H&M picks. Check out our silly shots below and vote on what piece you love and what you’re not so crazy about.

It’s all about lace! Check out my slinky, black lace dress. (P.S. Excuse the winter gear—Aldo patent leather Russian hat and Marc Jacobs rain boots—it’s a neverending rainstorm in NYC right now)
Ferocia’s giving some sparkle for day in a glittery, sequin vest. I live!
Pink lace dress is just a bit too racy and uberfeminine (it’s lace AND pink)…so to tone it down…

…I pair it with a gray, oversized blazer. Perfect mix of masculine and feminine.
A geometric pattern and bright colors turn a plain black dress into a showstopper! Love this look on Ferocia
Here’s her giving her best high-fashion curved back model pose. Hehe
Love this cute nautical dress with gold buttons and detailing! Chic!

I’m going to live in this military jacket come Spring! And to mix things up, I’m rocking it with all my floral, ruffled dresses. It’s all about soft and structured pairings. Get into it!

If you follow Ferocia on Twitter, you know she goes crazy for a fierce, red lip. Now, she has the shirt to match her Ruffian Red lips. Gorg.
What do you think of our picks? Where do you go for fun, guiltfree retail therapy?