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Glam or A Sham: Aubrey O’Day’s New Designs

And the designer standards get even lower.

Aubrey O’Day, the buxom, rebellious castoff from Diddy’s Making the Band, is trying her hand at designing. The reality star turned Broadway actress threw a launch event last week to introduce Heart on my Sleeve, her colorful new line of tees, underwear and doggy clothes (she’s obsessed with her dog which she affectionately calls “Ging”).

I didn’t make the party as I was ultra-swamped with our fab Glamazons shoot and a cover shoot for the mag, but I had to investigate to find out more about this line. Why, you ask? Quite frankly, I don’t see Aubrey O’Day as a designer. She’s had way too many fashion faux paux for me to even take her seriously on the red carpet. And though it’s great that she adores her dog, something just isn’t right about all that dye.

Here she is wearing one of her own designs. Sure Obama is touched.

In true Aubrey fashion, the tees have controversial phrases like “My sex tape is coming out soon,” and simply, “cunt” (LOL) but then also, “We were happy until we weren’t” and “After him, the fairytale was over,” which speaks to her sensitive, “Lifetime” series side. Check out some highlights from the collection below.

Yes, that’s Jaslene and Caridee from America’s Next Top Model. Reality stars have to stick together.

This shirt is from her organic line, Recycled Love. Protecting the environment is a good thing.

Clearly, these designs aren’t for the hetero man.

And now for the prices: The tees are about $30, the briefs are $20 each, the dog shirts will run you $20 (and $70 for dog outfits) and the accessories range from $60 to 150 for a huge flower headband. (See below…frightening).


I also noticed the tees are actually American Apparel t-shirts with her logos printed on top. If it’s that easy, look out for Glamazon t-shirts coming soon! (Just kidding…unless they’d sell).

Tell me what you think: Glam or a Sham?