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GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce ‘Heats’ Up the TV Screen for Fragrance Commercial

We read what Ferocia thought about Beyonce’s first fragrance, ‘Heat’ licensed by Coty. But with this commercial, does it even matter what it smells like? After the men finishing drooling and the ladies finish practicing the moves in the mirror in their favorite silk red dress, they will undoubtedly run to Macy’s to purchase the fragrance.

What’s more? To kick off the launch of ‘Heat,’ Beyonce will illuminate Union Square on February 2nd with a fiery red light and smoky fog, giving the city an aura that matches her sensual appeal. The lighting will serve as a backdrop to her super exclusive launch party for all her friends in media and entertainment.

On February 3rd, it’s all about the fans. Beyonce will make a personal appearance at Macy’s Herald Square, where the first customers to purchase the Beyonce Heat 3-piece fragrance set will get the chance to meet and pose with the pop icon. I can see the line of uncontrollable stans forming in my head, clamoring to touch the hem of her House of Dereon garment. 

Both events will be chaotic enough to usher in the launch of the ‘Heat’ fragrance in true Sasha Fierce fashion. 

What do we think of the commercial, Glamazons? It’s superhot, that kind of play after 11pm with a parental advisory disclaimer hot. Is it too seductive for her super-clean image (cue her 20/20 interview airing in full today before the Grammy’s)? [My boo said he forgot what she was selling: fragrance or…something else.] Or is it irresistibly sexy in a way only Beyonce can get away with?

What’s the verdict? Glam or a sham?

Glam or a Sham: Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Video Phone Remix

Hey Glamazons!!
The internet is abuzz with praise and criticism for the latest video from pop Queen, Beyonce, featuring the incredible Lady Gaga. While we’re still partial to Lady Gaga’s amazing Bad Romance vid, we adore Beyonce’s outfit changes, the dance sequence and both ladies’ phenomenal physiques. Hubba Hubba, indeed.
Still, there’s been a lot of flack about the video, which only leaked yesterday night. Among the many complaints, here were a few that stood out:
-Lady Gaga isn’t “herself,” in the video but a white version of Beyonce. With one line, one outfit and one scene, why is she even there?
-Beyonce’s in-your-face, sex-soaked moves are plain trashy, cheap and reminiscent of “Check on It.” (Someone even said: Strippers should sue for copyright infringement). Even more say it’s irresponsible to her younger fans.
-Beyonce swagger jacked Rihanna’s edgy/dominatrix look.

Hmm…do you agree or disagree with the points above? Check the video out below and give us your verdict. Glam or a Sham?

NEW! House of Dereon Launches Daywear

Hey Glamazons!

Does Beyonce ever take a break? (Aside from the perfect bikini bod shots and bodyguard scuffle in Croatia…lol). The superstar, along with Mom, Tina Knowles, announced the launch of a Spring 2010 daywear collection for House of Dereon today via WWD. The dresses, suits, jackets and jumpsuits are designed for the modern woman whose double-duty wardrobe takes her fashionably from work to dinner. Their first foray into work-appropriate clothing, House of Dereon daywear has a decidedly understated look in comparison to the glitter and glamour of their previous collections.

In my opinion, the clean lines and smart silhouettes mark tremendous growth as a designer for both Tina and Beyonce, whose original House of Dereon casual line left a lot to be desired (and unfortunately, the market sales reflected my sentiment). Tina expects the daywear line to sell better than its predecessor: “With strong trend-driven pieces, affordable prices, blends of sportiness and the strong dichotomy of Beyonce’s viewpoints mixed with mine, the collection is sure to be impactful,” she told WWD.

I’m inclined to think Beyonce could sell a brown paper bag and make it an impactful trend, given the power of her brand! Clearly, Tina agrees: the brand may be expanding to include a jewelry and shoe line. Exciting! I’m a huge fan of Dereon shoes and the shoes Solange and Beyonce wear always become my personal lust-haves.

For now, check out the daywear collection and let me know what you think. And if you love the modern yet timeless pieces, you can purchase them come Spring 2010 at high-end department stores. Are you impressed with the designs? Would you wear them or is Dereon more your style? Are you excited for possible jewelry and shoe lines from House of Dereon?




Ad Glam: Beyonce in Sasha Fierce for Dereon

Doesn’t get much crazier, sexier or cooler than Beyonce’s new Ad for Sasha Fierce for Dereon. Each pose and look epitomizes the young, fresh & fashionable spirit of the brand! The accessories (pink and black striped socks, the gloves, the glasses, the shades, the shoes!!!) are to die for and the fit is the epitome of body-slimming perfection…well, maybe just on Beyonce, unless the unitard magically gives you curvy hips and impossibly flawless legs!! What do you think of the ad and the Sasha Fierce collection?!



Would You Wear…Sasha Fierce?

Hey Glamazons,

So while Rihanna is partying in pasties and Amber Rose is walking under paint…

…Beyonce is thinking of unique ways to capitalize on her split personality. Introducing Sasha Fierce: a Junior’s line of sportswear, outerwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, lingerie and jewelry that’s as fresh, daring and full of attitude as Beyonce’s alter ego via WWD. Similar to Bey’s personal sense of style, Sasha Fierce lets the accessories be the headliner. With chains, lace, mesh, and studs, the accents feel as if they’re straight out of the Diva video. (Let me specify: Diva when she’s walking in front of an exploding car at the end…more confident, cool Beyonce than the stripper meets pageant queen looks she wears inside the wearhouse.) The supporting cast is the clothing, which is decidedly understated and trendy. Think distressed jeans, leggings, faux leather, black dresses and bodysuits.

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Sasha Fierce hits Macy’s, Dillard’s, Jimmy Jazz and Against All Odds this Fall. And teens, you won’t spend all your allowance either—the line ranges from $25-$75. What do you think of the line? The last look is calling my name (similar shoes came in the office today from Dereon—I won’t sleep until I have them!). Would you wear Sasha Fierce?
Still not enough of your favorite diva? Then check out her Sweet Dreams video below. Not my favorite (haven’t we seen this before?) but I’ll pretend to like it so her fans don’t come running after me. Yay for blonde fingerwaves! ::shudders::