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Video Glam: Jennifer Lopez’s Louboutins in "Fresh Out the Oven"

Hey Glamazons!
While we’re not head over heels in love with Jennifer Lopez’s new songs, image or Sasha-Fierce knockoff “Lola,” we have to give her credit for her phenomenal taste in shoes. As you know I am a Louboutin lover and the new Bridget bootie, which JLo rocks in “Fresh Out the Oven,” is the latest object of my desire.

It’s lady, vampy, vixen, rocker, glamour puss all in one mesmerizing shoe. The sexy peeptoe marries two of the season’s hottest trends in holy matrimony: lace and leopard print. Genius!
As the shoe retails for a cool $1,795, some believe it’s too trendy for the price tag. Trendy or not, I certainly can’t, in good faith, spend more than two month’s rent on a pair of shoes (please God, let them be at the next sample sale).
Some even think it’s ugly. Gasp. While I do believe fashion is subjective, Louboutin and lace and leopard could never be bad. Right?

Heidi Klum wore them with all black everything to a Pre-Emmy party while JLo rocked them with a nude minidress and velvet shrug to the VMA’s.
Take a look at the bootie-ful peeptoe and check Jennifer Lopez rocking it in her newest video, “Fresh Out of the Oven” below. What do you think of the shoes…oh and the song?