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GLAM OR SHAM?: Kim Kardashian for Bebe Fall 2010

Hey Glamazons!

Like we warned you weeks ago, Kim Kardashian’s designs hit the runway for the first time as a part of the Style 360 Fashion Week series. A young crowd, including Rob Kardashian’s ex, Adrienne Bailon, watched as a parade of chic, ubertrendy looks came down the catwalk.

The styles, which ranged from a pink one shoulder dress to a black wrap jumpsuit, were a bit safe and dated—but keep in mind, these designs are for a mall store as opposed to a high-end fashion brand. The look stayed true to Bebe’s signature style (form-fitting, sexy, young, trendy) while appearing as if each piece was designed specifically for Kim Kardashian’s body. Curves were exaggerated with petal draping and cinched waists, and the silhouettes were all body-skimming and flattering.

The color palette was monochromatic with blacks and grays, interspersed with vibrant pops of pink. All the trends of last season were incorporated into the collection: sheer, cut-outs, one shoulder, statement necklaces, jumpsuits, white blazers, blah, blah, blah. The shoes—some platform sandals, some booties, all open-toe—troubled me.

Kim wore a hooded sweatshirt dress under a leather corset with matching black gloves. In my opinion, it just didn’t seem to fit her style (it was more bad-girl than L.A. socialite chic) but her body still looked amazing (is that Quick Trim?! wow!). Oh and did we mention J-Wow from Jersey Shore was there (sideeye)? Check out the looks below and give your verdict:

Glam or a Sham?



Photos Courtesy of OK Magazine

Fashion Week: Heart Truth with Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush!

Hey Glamazons!
After the Ports 1961 show, I took a much-needed break to eat, recharge and get ready for one of the most fabulous, fun shows of the season: Heart Truth Red Dress Collection.
The runway was adorable: glittery chandeliers hung above it and at the end, there was a set fit for a candy striper. Too cute for words!
My fabulous friend, Sandrine (check out her blog, La Dolce Vita, and upcoming blog, Date City) and I managed to get into the second row! Here’s a camera phone pic of us before the show. Loves it!
Before the show started, Superbowl winner (Who Dat!), Saints running back, Reggie Bush, tried to slip quietly in his front row seat. Little did he know, one row behind him sat the girl who’s been harboring a secret crush on him (it’s the dimples) for years…yours truly. I walked up to him to get a picture (strictly for blog purposes, wink) and he was super sweet about it. Yum.
Okay, so I had to acknowledge his fineness though I know he was there to support his girlfriend Kim Kardashian (whose crazy family I watch every Sunday so no shade at all to her, happy for them, I swear!).
Though Reggie caused a mini commotion (someone behind me asked, is that 50 Cent?), once the show started, all eyes were on the beautiful celebs.
Here’s the rundown of designers/stars plus pics!
A pregnant Bethenny Frankel was charming in Isabella Oliver. The entire time she was holding her stomach and smiling from ear-to-ear in a ruched strapless dress.
Felicity Huffman came out to applause in Oscar de la Renta. She looked stunning and stopped to hug her husband.
Estelle was gorgeous in an elaborate Zac Posen gown. She broke into a rockstar pose at the end of the runway. So fun!
Joan Collins walked out in Stephanie Rolland. The crowd erupted in applause and everyone was trying to snap a picture.
I just love Jordin Sparks’ energy! She showed off a new svelte bod in a form-fitting Badgley Mischka number.
Kim Kardashian wowed in a Marchesa gown that highlighted her famous curves. Her make-up and hair was elegant and refined. She stopped to blow a kiss to boyfriend Reggie in the front row. So cute!
Kimora Lee made an appearance wearing a short, sequin dress from her new line, Kouture by Kimora. Yes, it’s spelled with a K. She looked beautiful and stylish, as always. (Sidenote: I was surprised to see her since rumor has it that Baby Phat isn’t showing this season?! Somebody explain).
Raven-Symone hit the runway in Tadashi Shoji—and can I say she was super-fierce? She even kicked her shoes off before walking backstage! Don’t hurt nobody (No seriously, that could’ve flew into someone’s face).
One of my personal favorites was Regina King, who sauntered down the runway in a curve-hugging dress from Tracy Reese (she’s in amazing shape) to Alicia Keys’ “Put it in a Love Song.” I love that when the music suddenly stopped, she paused, broke into a pose and kept moving once it played again without missing a beat. Now that’s fierce!
Robin Roberts walked out to applause in a one-shoulder J.Crew Collection dress that showed off her toned shoulders and arms. She’s such a strong figure, battling breast cancer and covering hard news like the earthquake in Haiti, without losing her fun, cheery disposition. Everyone was inspired by her and cheered her on down the runway.
Can we stop pretending Heidi Klum is a human like the rest of us? She came out looking impossibly gorgeous in a John Galliano gown and sleek blonde hair. She’s all the more striking in person.
All the ladies walked out under red heart confetti at the end, danced and posed for a picture under the Heart Truth banner.
All in all, it was a superfun show for a better cause: spreading awareness about heart disease. Visit for resources about the disease and what you can do to help.
The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show always lifts my spirits and was a great way to end a sad day in Fashion. Oh and as if the show wasn’t entertaining enough on its own, I saw my girlfriend in my head, Wendy Williams, and ran into the hilarious Robert Verdi (pictured below with the amazing Elaine) and Micah Jesse (check out his blog, he cracks me up!) after the show. Fun times!
Now off to bed for a full day of shows tomorrow. Stay tuned!

The Kardashians and Jersey Shore Take Fashion Week. Yuck.

In a short time, Kim Kardashian has managed to make her way from an X-rated home video to TV screens across the country—and she has successfully infiltrated every corner of the industry along the way.

If you walk past a Macy’s fragrance counter, there’s Kim in a 50’s style lingerie pushing her new perfume. Turn to the E! channel and there’s Kim and Co. making their family squabbles public for our weekly viewing pleasure. Catch a football game on Sunday and there’s Ms. Kardashian’s megawatt smile on camera whenever Reggie Bush scores a touchdown. Buy some gum at the newsstand, look up and smack in front of your face is Kim on the cover of OK! Magazine (every week!) dishing about her romance, her life as an Auntie, her new hairspray, anything!

It only makes sense that her next territorial conquest is the Fashion industry, starting with its most celebrated week. Yep, that week. Word has it that the Kim & Co. are trying their hand at designing with a collection for retailer, Bebe, which will make its debut during New York Fashion Week. So in addition to playing celebrity in the front row of shows like Tracy Reese and Badgley Mischka and being the spokesperson for Shoe Dazzle, Kim Kardashian will be hosting the launch of the Bebe store in Soho and showing as part of the Style 360 Fashion Week series.

And I’m NOT mad (I’m sure you’re either surprised or outraged by that fact. Hear me out.) It’s not like she’s designing for Emanuel Ungaro with little to no experience (hi Lindsay Lohan!). A privileged, wealthy socialite living in LA who spends her days shopping on Rodeo Drive and nights showing it off on the red carpet knows a little something about mall retail. Now, add to that someone who lives in outfits that show off her Armenian curves, and who’s better than Kim to design the club staple that is a spandex Bebe dress?

Not that I want Fashion Week to be overrun with porn-turned-reality stars or even mall retailers (History lesson: every year a show like this slips in somewhere between Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors. Study She by Sheree), but I’m not angry at the collaboration. Kim, or better yet, Kris, knows what’s she’s doing. Now, will the collection sell with Kim & Co.’s endorsement and designs? That remains to be seen.

Ugh. Update: My amazing roomie and I found it comical that on E’s Fashion Police Special last night, Khloe Kardashian asked why MTV’s Jersey Shore castmember, Snooki, was at the Grammy’s. Umm, same reason you are on TV right now, Khloe. Paris Hilton has arguably started a regrettable trend where non-celebrities are the new celebrity.

That said, I have news that would make a designer vomit their Starbucks coffee. Our beloved Page Six has disclosed that the MTV’s The Jersey Shore castmates, yes Situation and Snooki, may not only attend but…I’m cringing…MODEL in Fashion Week shows. Now, I’m crying. I’m from Jersey (and proud. It’s an amazing place that Jersey Shore does not fully represent in the same way “Real World Brooklyn” didn’t capture all of BK and the “Harlem Heights” cast didn’t speak for all of Harlem, but I digress). There were times during my visits to Seaside Heights (everyone goes, not just the guidos) while scarfing down chicken fingers and fries at the boardwalk that I didn’t want to even SIT next to a greasy-haired, fist-pumping, tattooed guido for fear of their horrible fashion sense being contagious.

Now, years of slaving in the Fashion Closet, at photo shoots and juggling the demands of running Fashion websites have earned me the privilege of sitting behind one of them at a fashion week show…when my days consist of interviewing designers, visiting showrooms, reviewing collections and diligently searching for the next ‘It’ designer…and theirs consist of “Gym. Tan. Laundry?”

Unless the show involves a makeover that includes washing the grease out of their hair (can you imagine what the sink will look like after?) and the pounds of make-up off their faces, I don’t see the point. Clearly, the designers are inviting the Jersey Shore castmembers, and the Kardashians for that matter, for the inevitable press they’ll receive as a result (that ironically I’m facilitating by writing about this now…yes, I understand the irony).  Is press worth associating Jersey Shore-esque reality stars with your brand? Quite frankly, any designer that thinks Snooki has fashion sense worth endorsing is not a designer I want to support.

And not only have they infiltrated modeling and appearing at shows, they’re designers too, as is the case with Kim Kardashian. Does Kim deserve a chance to design and show at NYFW with only shopping experience under her belt? Bebe shoppers, what do you think about this collaboration? Is it a good business move for the company? And would any of you wear Kim Kardashian’s designs?




FIRST LOOK: Kim Kardashian’s Signature Fragrance

Hey Glamazons!

Of all the myriad ways to become a celebrity, it’s clear that the Kardashian sisters have it down to a science. Create a porn tape and let it “mysteriously” leak onto the internet? 1 point for Kim! Have a tumultuous on and off again relationship with a guy named Scott that wears slicked back hair only to become “on again” after having his baby? 1 point for Kourtney! Become engaged to and marry an NBA star in less than a couple of months and announce that she’s doing nothing to prevent herself from becoming pregnant? Another point for Khloe!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (because I haven’t even touched on the rest of the Kardashian clan). I can’t lie though..the good people at Ryan Seacrest Productions are genius for recognizing a reality television show somewhere in the mess of their lives. Although I haven’t watched an episode in a while, I’m hooked and I can’t even figure out why. I also must admit that I’m quick to pick up any tabloid that announces any news from the Kardashian sisters. Maybe I won’t buy it, but it does grab my attention and I can’t help but want to know how many more pounds Kim has lost or anything involving news of baby Mason.
With that said, I was extra excited when I first heard last year that Kim Kardashian was coming out with a fragrance. (If all is true, I’m hoping that we’ll get another one from all of the sisters together…hmmm…what do you think they should call it? Since they all like to exercises so much, I thought they should develop an athletic clothing line and call it ‘Triple K’..what do you think?) Ok, I digress, back to Kim Kardashian’s new signature fragrance.
After my first whiff of the sweet juice, I was hooked. In fact, I like this one better than Beyonce’s ‘Heat’ (click here to read my synopsis). Developed in partnership with new beauty company on the block Lighthouse Beauty (their first fragrance was 50 Cent’s ‘Power’), the fragrance is a sultry, sumptuous floral packaged in a translucent black bottle. (It’s definitely a cute addition to your boudoir). The juice contains top notes of mandarin, honeysuckle and orange blossom; mid notes of pink jasmine, tuberose, sensual spices and lush gardenia; and a dry down of jacaranda wood, tonka bean, vanilla orchid, sexy musk and creamy sandalwood.
Here’s what Kim had to say about her new fragrance:
“Working with Lighthouse Beauty to create my fragrance was such a fulfilling process. I learned so much about what it takes to develop a scent, and the end result is the perfect extension of my own personal style.”
So, now that’s she created a fragrance, she’s now officially a celebrity in my book…regardless of whether she’s done anything of real substance or not haha. Be sure to let us know what you think of the fragrance when you get your hands on it next month, Glamazons!
Eau de Parfum Spray (1.7 oz): $45
Eau de Parfum Rollerball (.33 oz): $16
Eau de Parfum Spray (1 oz): $32
Eau de Parfum Spray (3.4 oz): $65
Available February 2010 at Sephora stores nationwide

The Truth About Weave Part I

Hey Glamazons!
Ever since Chris Rock called us out in the documentary, “Good Hair,” everyone has been discussing why weaves are…well, horrible. Men are complaining that they can’t run their fingers through weaved heads without hitting the tracks or “speed bumps,” or “choo-choo’s” as they call it. Women are applauding celebs like Kandi from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta for wearing their own hair while side-eyeing her castmate, Nene’s weaved haircut.
In fact, on our magazine’s website, commenters talked about weaves like they were for bald-headed misfits that secretly hate themselves. Like the natural hair on weave-wearer’s heads is so nappy, thin and sparse, the only way we can get out of bed and face the public is if we put some poor Indian woman’s hair on our heads. Not true!
On behalf of weave lovers everywhere, Ferocia and I are doing a two-part post breaking down myths about being weave-a-licious—and proving that it’s not a bad thing.
-MYTH: Only women with short or no hair wear weaves.
I recently had a weaved bob (see below), took it out last night and wore my real hair to work the following day.
My hair in a (weaved) bob
My real hair after I took the weave out
Everyone—from men to multicultural women—had the same question:

“If your real hair is long and healthy, why do you wear a weave?”
I thought such ignorant concepts about weave disappeared in the 90’s, but maybe I’m wrong. No longer are weaves the saving grace for people with no hair.
In my opinion, it’s old news that women with flowing beautiful hair down their back (and even white women…hello Khloe Kardashian! (If you don’t believe it, watch her segment on Wendy Williams where she talks about putting a bobby pin on her track) are wearing weaves for a number of reasons. Let’s name a few:

(1) To try a new color or cut without committing. I wanted to rock the asymmetric bob trend without cutting my real hair and having to suffer through that awkward stage as the hair grows back. I also wanted to energize my look with a sexy new honey blonde color. A weave allowed me to experiment with cut and color…and take it out as soon as I was over it (for me, this is a two week span). Genius! A lot of celebrities—from Rihanna to Mary J. Blige—wear weaves for just that reason.
(2) Some weaves are easier to maintain than real hair. As I prepared to travel to Southern Spain this summer (most amazing trip…ever! btw), I knew I would want to swim in the ocean everyday. Instead of wearing my real hair, which would entail me washing, blow-drying and flat-ironing daily, I wore a weave that could withstand daily trips to the beach.

(3) To add texture and volume to your real hair. Many women just sew in a few tracks of weave (of the same length or shorter) to make their own hair fuller. Run your hands across the scalps of your favorite famous Hollywood starlet and I guarantee you’ll find one or two tracks in the center or bottom to give her that glamourous red-carpet volume.
(4) To give your real hair a break. Curling and flat-ironing your real hair takes a tremendous toll. Many women circumvent this by applying heat to style weaves while their real hair remains safe from harm.
Sure, weave has its share of setbacks. For example, sometimes, your scalp just needs to breathe which is why it’s good to rock your hair out every couple of months.
Also, sewn-in weaves can cause breakage by tugging at your real hair in cornrows. For this reason, when getting a sewn-in weave, it’s important to avoid braiding the hair so tight that the weave pulls at your real hair. My hairstylist even braids synthetic hair into my cornrows so the tracks don’t strain my real hair as much.
One complaint that isn’t a setback? That men “can’t run their fingers through weave.” Trust: I wouldn’t let you touch my hair, real or weaved, anyway. =)

Discuss: What’s your opinion on weaves?