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Designer Crush: Jasmine Pennamma

Imagine that it’s Fashion Week. You’re on the VIP list for a swanky evening party, and all the hottest celebrities will be in attendance. To look the part, you put your most fabulous dress—the one that everyone compliments—in the cleaner’s. And now, the day of the soiree, the cleaner’s is closed.

Most fashionistas would immediately have a nervous breakdown. Not Jasmine Pennamma.

The resourceful style maven wore a white shirt and jeans and made some spellbinding, statement-making jewelry on the spot. No one could stop talking about Jasmine’s incredible jewels. And as a designer, if the Fashion Week crowd loves you, you’re IN. The rest is history.

Jasmine Pennamma’s line of jewelry combines the glamour and grit of New York City with the carefree, natural feel of the West Coast.

The handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces are a melange of earthy charm and street chic: turquoise, jade and opalite stones in modern styles like bold, cocktail rings and chain link necklaces.

My favorite piece from the collection is this edgy two-finger ring which is connected by a delicate gold chain and adorned with exquisite precious stones. It encapsulates the modern fashionista’s personality to a tee: bold, feminine and effortlessly cool.

This line is perfect for the girl who was born to stand out. She’s a little bit tough luxe, a tad pretty and 100% glamorous. Go to for more information on the designer and to shop the collection, which ranges from $90 to $285.