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Michelle Obama Wears Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s brand will live on, according to Gucci Group, which has a 51% stake in the company via The celebrated designer, who committed suicide last week, decided that Alexander McQueen, the label, had transitioned from being the name of a designer to putting in place the building blocks of a brand” according to Gucci Group chief, Robert Polet. 

“That means that will be my legacy,” McQueen said, according to Polet. “That’s something I will always leave behind.”

With the Fall 2010 collection almost complete, the brand will present at Paris Fashion Week between March 3-11. Surely, the fashion industry will be awaiting the collection debut with baited breath.

In the meantime, fashion moguls like Betsey Johnson and Naomi Campbell have paid tribute to the fallen fashion icon in their New York Fashion Week shows and a tribute is planned to Alexander McQueen during London Fashion Week. 

Betsey Johnson tribute.

Tribute at Naomi’s Fashion Relief for Haiti Fund show.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore an Alexander McQueen printed blouse from the Spring 2009 collection to meet with ten students from London at the White House this morning. Mrs. Obama’s knowledge, thoughtfulness and sensitivity toward the Fashion World continue to amaze me. 

Check out a pic of the First Lady in Alexander McQueen below via What a subtle and beautiful tribute to the late designer.

I am so sad about his passing, but grateful we have his “legacy,” of artful, inspired designs to look forward to. 

Wearing my beloved MCQ…for Target dress in solidarity.



Fashion Relief For Haiti Fund Show

Hey Glamazons! As you know by now, I’ve been spreading all of my talents around this season covering Fashion Week. It’s loads of fun to have the freedom of writing not only for yourself (ie this amazing blog!), but also for other publications (ie check out a couple of my backstage beauty reports on here). However, the best experience so far has got to be interviewing supermodel Naomi Campbell. Yes, I, (ME!) talking with Naomi Campbell! If you’d told me 10 years ago while I lived in Texas that I’d one day interview her, I’d have laughed.
You’d never know it, but this lady is definitely all about giving back. (That doesn’t mean that she isn’t still crazy; but it seems like she has a little bit of heart somewhere in that sleek body of hers.) She’s a global ambassador for the White Ribbon Alliance, a global coalition for safe motherhood. In this role, she helps expectant mothers in various countries get the care needed to not only stay healthy but to also deliver a healthy baby. Naomi teamed up with several top designers to launch Fashion for Relief charity shows in New York and London to help the women of Haiti. And here I was, asked to interview her about all of this business. I literally had 3 minutes to do so, but I think I got some good stuff out of her! Check out the video on and let me know what you think! Also, check out some of my fave looks (and moments) from the show (because you know I was sitting second row..what, what?!). A model even fell while walking down the runway (check out the last pic). Clearly she needs to take some walking lessons from Naomi.
*images courtesy of Getty
I know he’s made some seriously foolish mistakes in the past, but come on! Look how cute Chris Brown looks here! I met him backstage at the show and he was nice…not exactly the brightest crayon in the box, but a nice guy.
Selita Ebanks. ‘Nuff said.
Who knew that Kelly Osbourne could look so sweet and svelte?! Loved her look in the show!
Estelle rockin’ it on the runway!
Pat Cleveland rocked my world dancing on the runway. So much fun!
Tribute to the late Alexander McQueen.

The Glamazons Say Good-Bye to Alexander McQueen

It was 2001. I was searching through the fashion collections when I came across a model with birds literally coming out of her head. I was transfixed. It was then I decided that the designer behind the birds was a visionary—creative, crazy and amazing.

Alexander McQueen was one-of-a-kind in that he was daring and rebellious in his designs. He was inspired by punk-rock street fashion and gave that marginalized crowd credibility, transforming them from weird street kids to purveyors of high-end style.

His imagination was rare, unbound and brave. He was a fashion dreamer, and remained that way throughout his career even when a crippling recession would encourage him to do otherwise.

He wasn’t without his share of financial and business troubles, but they never defined him or hindered his creativity. His designs were always brimming with energy, creativity and life—which makes it all the harder to imagine him lifeless.

Alexander McQueen sparked a generation of fashion renegades and rebels, including Christian Siriano, who design for the adventure and beauty of the art—not for the money or fame. His brilliant mind and vivacious spirit live on not only in his masterful pieces, but in the way he changed and inspired fashion as a whole.

Today, there is a dark cloud over New York Fashion Week as the industry struggles to make sense of Lee (Alexander) McQueen’s untimely passing. In his memory, I think we should celebrate the designers that dare to dream and experiment in Fashion. That energy, passion and brilliance is what keeps the art of Fashion alive. It will never die.

RIP Fashion Legend, Alexander McQueen.

With love,

The Glamazons

A memoriam of flowers outside Alexander McQueen’s NYC boutique.

Fashion News: Alexander McQueen Sues Steve Madden

Hey Glamazons!

I didn’t see this one coming. Alexander McQueen is suing Steve Madden (pictured above with yours truly) for copying his “Faithful Bootie,” stitch for stitch, claiming the only design element of the ‘Faithful Bootie’ that Madden did not deliberately copy is the zipper pull that contains the ‘Alexander McQueen’ trademark.” via Messy!

Check out both designs below…guess which one is the knock-off:

Yeah, Alexander McQueen’s Faithful bootie is on your left;
Steve Madden’s Seryna bootie is on your right.

I can’t imagine how infuriating it must be to pour blood, sweat and tears into your work only to have a low-end, mass-produced brand copy your design.

However, as a broke, entry-level employee who has the terrible fortune of requesting and begrudgingly returning the most beautiful fashions for a living, I have been a proud beneficiary of Steve Madden’s copy-cat designs for years.

Take the below. Beyonce wore these eye-catching Balenciaga lego sandals, designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, to the American Music Awards. And there I am, perpetrating, wearing the same design for less than a fraction of the price, courtesy of Steve Madden.

Beyonce’s were $4,175; mine were $99.95.

At first, it felt like a steal but now, I feel guilty. Is my Steve Madden purchase as bad as buying a Gucci knockoff for next to nothing from the peddlers in Chinatown? (Only difference being, as McQueen’s lawyers pointed out, Steve Madden copies everything BUT the logo.)

What do you think? Is it okay for mass retailers to “be inspired by” high-end designers as long as they don’t copy the design exactly? Do you care if the copy is a complete knock-off as long as it brings you high fashion at an affordable price? Are you ashamed to rock a fake bag from Chinatown while wearing your Balenciaga knock-offs from Steve Madden with dignity?