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What You’re Wearing In…

…New York City!

Okay, new post. Everybody loves a famous style maven, from Zoe Kravitz to Kelis, but Ferocia and I are firm believers that the most GLAM looks are right at home. That’s why each week, we’ll highlight the fiercest fashions in every city (and eventually, we’ll go global), starting with our new favorite place, downtown Manhattan. Here, the top trendsetters at NYC’s ever-popular Milk Studios…


Besides a pair of endlessly long legs, this glamazon boasts the hottest look of the season: the jumpsuit. The dark denim suit is super stylish. And take note: since the fabric doesn’t always contour to your shape, the belt is your best bet to create curves. To top it off, her colorful accents (shiny mules, bracelet and make-up) and gold jewels up the fab quotient. Love it!
Only tip: if the pockets are longer than the shorts, either stuff them or cut them out altogether. I’d do the latter, you have to sacrifice for fashion!! And let’s be honest, what can you really hold in a tight jumpsuit? Exactly.


Bold, printed dresses ruled this summer and this glamazon gets everything right! Unique color combos? Check. Swirl designs that aren’t a cheap imitation of Pucci? Check (thank God!). Subtle jewelry and make-up? Check. And the flutter sleeves and bow add such a nice, feminine touch. Flawless.


This guy’s outfit defines my theory on fashion as captured so beautifully by the late Yves Saint Laurent: Fashions fade, style is eternal. Style yourselves, people! Rather than throwing a bunch of menswear products on, he pieces together items that work, creating a dope, head-to-toe ensemble that’s all his own. Every piece from the fedora to the glasses to the bracelets (ennhh…I’m not crazy about it, but hey, it’s his own), completes the look! So ferosh, it’s deadly.

This look is the definition of cool. It’s preppy, laidback, masculine and stylish (yes, it’s possible to be both). From the proportions (the quarter-length sleeved cardi with sleeves so casually pushed up and knee-length shorts) to the mixed patterns (zig-zag tie, striped shirt), this outfit is a winner. And the leather bag just screams elegance and quality. Bravo!

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Talk soon!