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Sex Sells, but is T.I.’s Clothing Ad Taking it Too Far?

What does simulated oral sex have to do with jeans?

Everything, according to T.I.’s clothing brand, AKOO. Their advertisement, which graces a billboard in Newark, New Jersey (woot! woot! Sorry, Jersey girl moment), depicts a woman pulling down a man’s AKOO jeans, with his hand lovingly dictating what she should do with her head. Sigh.

There’s been nothing short of an uproar among Jersey residents about the explicit nature of the ad. Even the mayor spoke up, but his gripe wasn’t about the simulation, it was about the jeans sagging off the male model’s behind…umm, so simulated oral sex in tight jeans is better?

Anyway, I do agree that the ad is not something I’d want my impressionable, pre-pubescent cousin to see while out and about in Newark.

But as we all know, billboard sex is all too common in the high-end fashion world, with Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana being repeat offenders. They make AKOO’s ad look tame. Check out some jaw-dropping risque ads below (NSFW).

Implied gang rape at Dolce & Gabbana.

Simulated orgy at Calvin Klein.

Eva Mendes’ boobs at Calvin Klein.

Pretend Masturbation at Emanuel Ungaro.

Simulated oral sex again at Puma.

Yes, I guess it catches your eye when you’re stuck in traffic on a city street. But is it socially responsible to put these offensive ads out there? 

And what in the world does it have to do with clothes? Sex sells, yes, but vulgarity won’t encourage me to purchase a pair of jeans. Thoughts?

UPDATE: T.I.’s ad has been taken down from the billboard in Newark. Do you think removing the ad is excessive or understandable?



Glam or A Sham: Lindsay Lohan, Designer?

Hey Glamazons!
Shopping on Rodeo Drive and lending your celebrity to a line of leggings doesn’t count as fashion experience…or does it? Lindsay Lohan seems to think so. As the new artistic director of Emanuel Ungaro, Lohan is diving headfirst into the fashion industry and seeing as much success as she currently is in the movie business. That is to say, she’s having no success at all.
Critics have rendered harsh reviews of the collection, the funniest of which is below:
WWD said the collection was “cheesy and dated,” and it “displayed none of the promised younger side Lohan was supposed to deliver.”

Britain’s Daily Express also said the collection was wrought with “truly hideous fashion faux pas,” including “silver sequined pasties” that “belong in a lap dancing club.”
To be fair, Lohan’s only became artistic director a few weeks ago. Still, the cheap construction and out-of-style looks leave much to be desired. See for yourself:

Interesting. Allegedly, after the show, Lindsay Lohan walked out to lukewarm applause. LOL.
So what do you think, Glamazons? Glam or a Sham.