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The 2010 Winter Olympic Team Gets a Fashion Makeover

Hey Glamazons,

Usually when Fashion and Sports collide, it goes a little something like a conversation between my football-playing boo and I:

Him: What have you been up to?
Me: Fashion Week madness.
Him: Isn’t fashion week every week?
Me: HUH?

Ten minutes later…
Me: What position does Reggie Bush play? I need to know for an article I’m working on.
Him: Didn’t you watch the Superbowl yesterday?
Me: Yes but I wasn’t paying attention.
Him: HUH?

Fortunately, fashion designers and the Olympic team have had a bit more luck. With the 21st Winter Olympics starting on February 12th (and overlapping, ironically, with Fashion Week) Ralph Lauren, Rodarte, Vera Wang and DSquared2 are all collaborating with the top athletes in Olympic sports.

Vera Wang is designing an outfit for figure skater, Evan Lysacek.

Ralph Lauren, the purveyor of American classic style,is designing Team USA’s outfits for the opening ceremony and villagewear, with jackets, white pants, hats and boots. Check out some of the sketches and pieces below. Love!

All the pieces from the Ralph Lauren Olympic collection are available on I am thrilled that they’re also offering the Create Your Own Olympic polo where you can select your own colors and flag to show your favorite team or country support.

New York Times Magazine featured thirteen Olympians training in Rodarte knits. The photographer, Ryan McGinley, shot breathtaking images of Olympian fliers like figure skaters, Johnny Weir and Evan Lysace and ski jumper, Anders Johnson, that are truly works of art.

Birks Jewelry is designing an exclusive line of sterling silver and 18KT gold necklaces, earrings and pendants to commemorate the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The elegant, dainty jewelry is where femininity and sports collide. $60, 350 CAD.

Canadian design team, Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2 are designing outfits for all the Canadian athletes during the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

I love watching Olympian athletes dominate Winter Sports, especially when they’re wearing amazing designer gear. But less fashion-minded sports fans are criticizing brands like Ralph Lauren for milking the Olympics as a branding opportunity and displaying their logos so prominently. Hmm. I guess the union between Fashion and Olympic sports isn’t without its share of conflict afterall.

Do you agree? What do you think of the lines and collaborations, Glamazons? Will you be watching?



Ad Glam: Zoe Kravitz for Vera Wang

Hey Glamazons!!

She’s beautiful. She’s quirky. She’s Hollywood royalty. There’s a million things to love about Glamazon of the Week, Zoe Kravitz, and Vera Wang recognizes them all. That’s why the daughter of fashionista, Lisa Bonet, and rock star, Lenny Kravitz, is the new face of Vera Wang’s perfume, “Princess,” available in eau de toilette, $45 for 1 oz, body polish, $35, and body polish, $30,

Sure, the “Princess” title is fitting for the progeny of two big names in entertainment. And the scent seems like it was tailor made for the aspiring actress:
“Radiant and whimsical, Princess is a sheer, fruity floral—rich with vanilla and brimming with exotic flavors and succulent fruits,” the website reads.
Furthermore, it goes without saying that Zoe looks absolutely beautiful modeling in the ad. Still, I’m disappointed Zoe’s one-of-a-kind style, that brilliantly blends modernity and vintage-chic, is not captured here. Love the choice of Zoe but what good is featuring a style maven in your ad without highlighting her amazing fashion sense?

What do you think, Glamazons? Do you agree the ad should have tried to capture Zoe’s unique fashion sense? Do you think Zoe was the right choice for the fragrance?



Fashion Scoop: Obamarama!!

It’s everywhere you turn. On bumper stickers, scrawled across trucker hats, in commercials during a television show, staring from the cover of your favorite magazine. All with one resounding message: Obama fever is sweeping our nation. 
Not since JFK has a political figure been so revered and loved by (most of) the American public. And fashion, ever a source of expression, is showing symptoms as well.

The ubiquitous Obama tee can be seen on everyone from trendy hipsters in France to the glamourous Halle and Beyonce strolling the streets of NY…
Other expressions are a bit more…unfortunate…

I’m mad you have a suit on with that foolishness. Somebody get his mother on the phone…

And whose Uncle came up with the Obama dance?

Wow. That’s a burning hot mess if I ever saw one. I mean, I’m glad you all care about politics…and maybe, just maybe, the negrodian nonsense will inspire someone to vote. But you have to wonder, especially in light of the Paris Hilton comparisons, is it hurting or helping his campaign?

Several designers, from Tracy Reese to Jay-Z, believe their products are the kind that help. The fashion industry’s biggest names have lent their talents to designing Obama/Biden’s official paraphernalia. And the proceeds from the designs, which range from t-shirts to tote bags, will go toward putting Obama in the White House.

A couple of my favorites:

Juicy Couture


Russell Simmons


Vera Wang


Tracy Reese





House of Dereon


Zac Posen


Charles Nolan


Rachel Roy




Marc Jacobs


Yeah, I pretty much love them all. And now for the prices…s/s tees, $60, l/s tees, $70, sweater, $70, bags, $75, scarf, $95. Expensive I know but change is priceless. All available at

So in the words of my friend Melle, “if you’ve been kinda meaning to donate,” all summer, here’s your chance! And you can get an amazing Marc Jacobs bag too.



P.S. They don’t allow paraphernalia at the voting booths so remember to leave your Obama tee at home on election day.