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From the Closet: Best Denim for Curves Award


I have to admit despite recently writing the Denim Guide for a major magazine, I never wear jeans. I kid you not. Blame the ever-present gap in the waistband for jeans that fit my butt but not my waist or the fact that they always rip at the seams around my inner thighs. After interviewing hundreds of women from every age group, I learned that most curvy girls have the same difficulties with denim.

Since then, I’ve resorted to dresses (girlie is my middle name!) and when it gets cold, leggings are my favorite alternatives to jeans (they’re form-fitting, comfortable and cost $20 at most!). However, there are two denim lines that came into the office that are the best and the brightest in the jean pool. (I’m the hardest sell EVER so you know they must be perfect.) The fit, quality and range of styles is truly one-of-a-kind. Take a look at my picks for the best denim for curvy girls. And try them on for size and tell me what you think!

Best Denim for Curves Award: CJ by Cookie Johnson

Magic Johnson’s beautiful wife, Cookie, met with me to introduce her new denim line: CJ by Cookie Johnson. No stranger to the fashion industry, Cookie has a degree in Clothing and Textiles and a decade of work experience. But what really qualifies her to design jeans? Her struggle to find the right pair. “I couldn’t find jeans to fit my body type,” recalls Cookie. “It frustrated me to try on every pair in the store and leave with nothing.” Tell me about it.

Along with Michael Glassner, the genius behind Seven for All Mankind and Citizen of Humanity, Cookie created CJ by Cookie Johnson to provide every woman with a premium brand that embraces her body type. Whether curvaceous or stick-thin, CJ by Cookie Johnson promises comfort, style and impeccable fit…and delivers. “I’ve seen everything from tears of relief to sexy struts in front of the mirror,” Cookie says of her satisfied customers. “The confidence that great-fitting jeans give women is the most rewarding thing about creating CJ.”

CJ comes in an array of styles, from boyfriend to high-waisted, all with adorable names: Grace (bootcut), Faith (straight leg), Truth (high-waist, wideleg), Love (boyfriend), Joy (legging) and Glory (pleated jean). At a price point of $145-198, the line is available in (waist) sizes 24-38 at Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus stores.




Best Denim for Plus-Size Curves: Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is launching a new denim line, Right Fit straight leg denim, which has it’s own custom sizing method based on a woman’s size AND shape. Red/Yellow/Blue corresponds to your shape and 1-8 represents your size (1 equals a regular size 14). Genius!

Trust me—the custom sizing method that Lane Bryant offers will make a world of difference when it comes to the fit and comfort level of your jeans. Too often, designers treat “plus” as a size AND a shape. Hello! Not all plus-size women have the same figure. A curvy size 14 is not the same as a boy-shaped size 14. Umm, duh.

Visit your local Lane Bryant store and see which shape/size fits you best. And if you love them and want to snag a pair, they’re only $54.50.

Happy Shopping!