Hit the Gym in Style! Old Navy Activewear for Under $30

It’s no secret that Ferocia and I have many addictions. High-fashion glossies (both). 80’s Music (both). Old-school Madonna (both). Sky-high heels (Coutura). Hair dye (Ferocia). Soi Chai Lattes from Starbucks (Ferocia). Tall men in suits (both). You get the idea.

But one of our pastimes, especially when Spring is on the horizon, is working out at the gym. As great as it feels to get an amazing workout in (and to see the results after), I cannot stand going to the gym looking a hot mess. Sure, sweat and frizzy hair come with the territory but old, oversized tees and whatever sweats I could find are just not appealing to me.

That’s where Old Navy comes in. They recently launched Old Navy Activewear and I love them for it. Adorable bright tanks, printed sports bras, comfy chic sweats and cute shorts to hit the treadmill or yoga mat in style.

And with gym membership rates soaring these days, you’ll appreciate the extravaganza sale they’re hosting to celebrate the launch. From January 8th to the 21st, you can get GOGA (Go Out, Get Active) bottoms and sports bras for 12 bucks each, graphic tees for $10 and jackets for $15 to $20. Does it get any better?

Celebrities have already caught on. Tori Spelling and Kourtney Kardashian (working on that post-baby bod) were spotted exercising in Old Navy gear.

Check out images of the line, which also includes styles for Kids, below:



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