Rachel Roy and Estelle are Headed to Africa

Hey Glamazons!

Accomplished designer, Rachel Roy is arguably having the best year ever. She debuted her eponymous line for Macy’s, RACHEL Rachel Roy, to critical acclaim and commercial success. She collaborated with fashionable singer, Estelle, on a jewelry collection, which makes its highly-anticipated debut in 2010. And most recently, she nailed the photo opp every designer hopes for when Michelle Obama wore her pencil skirt while announcing the First State Dinner. Pretty amazing, right?

Her latest venture is even more commendable. Marrying her two loves, fashion and charity, Rachel Roy announced via Facebook that she will travel to Africa with Estelle and her daughter, Ava, to provide impoverished women with the opportunity of a lifetime. She will include handmade clutches and bracelets from Rwandan and Tanzanian natives, many victims of genocide and abuse, in her newest RACHEL Rachel Roy collection. Roy believes that the opportunity to participate in an international market will give these women the resources they need to stop the cycle of abuse and poverty, and to provide for themselves and their families.

As Roy announced via Facebook, her mission is a collaboration with Fairwinds Trading, an organization which gives victims of poverty, abuse and genocide the opportunity to participate in international commerce: “Through Fairwinds Trading these women are able to earn an income by creating exquisite handmade goods which are sold in the U.S. I am grateful to play a role in helping to change their lives by providing jobs & offering their handcrafted pieces through RRR,” Roy said.

Check out a few of the handmade pieces below. Rachel Roy (@rachel_roy), Estelle (@estelledarlings) and Roy’s daughter Ava will document next month’s trip to Africa on Twitter.

I find the beautiful designs and noble cause really inspiring, and can’t wait to live vicariously through their pictures and anecdotes. What do you think of the pieces?




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