Announcing…the LOFT Giveaway Contest Winner

First, thank you to everyone who voted for the Glamazons in the LOFT Blog Wars. We didn’t win, but are super appreciative of all your love and support!

Now, for The Glamazons and LOFT Giveaway Contest, the winner of a $100 Gift Card to the LOFT is…drumroll, please…

M.J. from Pea Ridge, Arizona! Congratulations, M.J.!!

Check out her tips below:

The biggest thing I do is start early, like in October! Still, I find I need to rush around at the last minute, shopping for the last few friends and family members. We’re a 1-car family, so I work around my husband’s schedule, and try to get a lot of shopping done in short bursts. I’ll try to hit maybe one or two places when I get the car, and to do as much as possible at as few places as possible. Also, on a routine Walmart trip, I’ll remember to pick up a few gifts/wrapping supplies along with my regular, everyday purchases. I like to hit the stores when the crowds are at a minimum.

Thank you everyone for participating and stay tuned for more Glamazon giveaways!



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