Glam or a Sham: Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s Video Phone Remix

Hey Glamazons!!
The internet is abuzz with praise and criticism for the latest video from pop Queen, Beyonce, featuring the incredible Lady Gaga. While we’re still partial to Lady Gaga’s amazing Bad Romance vid, we adore Beyonce’s outfit changes, the dance sequence and both ladies’ phenomenal physiques. Hubba Hubba, indeed.
Still, there’s been a lot of flack about the video, which only leaked yesterday night. Among the many complaints, here were a few that stood out:
-Lady Gaga isn’t “herself,” in the video but a white version of Beyonce. With one line, one outfit and one scene, why is she even there?
-Beyonce’s in-your-face, sex-soaked moves are plain trashy, cheap and reminiscent of “Check on It.” (Someone even said: Strippers should sue for copyright infringement). Even more say it’s irresponsible to her younger fans.
-Beyonce swagger jacked Rihanna’s edgy/dominatrix look.

Hmm…do you agree or disagree with the points above? Check the video out below and give us your verdict. Glam or a Sham?

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