Video Glam: Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance

Hey Glamazons,

Who else besides Lady Gaga can be glamorous, romantic, dark, futuristic and sexy all in the same video?
Yes, Madonna but that was circa 1984.
Newly crowned Glamazon of the 21st century, Lady Gaga, debuted a mesmerizing video for her ‘Bad Romance’ single with dance sequences, visuals and special effects that are out of this world!!
But let’s talk about the fashions. First, bear witness to the first time any celeb has worn Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 shoes. Yes, those shoes that look impossible to walk in (more on that later). Lady Gaga danced in them!

AND the fur coat and Carrera Champion shades she wore (below) are a fashionista’s dream—that only retail for only $120 at Solstice Sunglass boutiques. Fabulous!
Check out the vid, which received the Glamazon Seal of Approval, and tell me that you love it! (P.S. So sad I had to work late and missed her listening party last night – her music is as captivating as her videos, a true entertainer! <— yes, I'm borderline obsessed).

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