Would you wear…?

…Brandy’s distressed jeans?


It IS a fabulous, funky trend, resurfacing from the ’60’s and the posh-grunge era of the ’90’s. And it gives you an excuse to wear those comfortable, worn-in jeans that you can’t bring yourself to throw away, even though they look like you were jumped, thrown in a mud puddle, ran over by a jeep then wrestled by a pack of dogs. Everyone has a pair.

My favorite jeans in the world from Express have tears right under the butt part (as they clearly were made for an ahem…flatter derriere) and yet I LOVE them. Several mornings, I’ve put them on in a bold, fearless, “I wear what I want” attempt to defy fashion convention. But I get embarassed at the thought of sitting bare-bottomed on the A train or worse, unraveling in front of throngs of NYC commuters…and run right back into my room and put on something decent.

Obviously, this hasn’t stopped Brandy, Agyness Deyn, Giselle Bundschen or Heidi Klum from umm…overexposure. But tell me, is the Edward Scissorhands look taking it too far?!?!?!





I love a ruggedly posh look (read: ripped jeans and a blazer) but it HAS to be done right. If I was you, or Brandy, I’d follow these tips:

1- Professional ripped jeans completely defeat the purpose. If you’re not lucky enough to have some tore up, janky looking jeans in your closet, buy some that look authentic like Ashley’s or Beyonce’s. Or get a tad bit creative with the scissors and muck them up so they don’t look manufactured. DO NOT go overboard, I beg you.



2- Please keep the rest of your outfit simple or atleast complimentary, to the distressed denim. Dress it up with a blazer and white tank or keep it casual in a plaid button down shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Tops that are too dressy or complicated (like Emma Robert’s assymetrical, ruffled blouse) will ruin the look.


3- Less is more.

Rule No.3 is by far the most important. Too much loose thread and people start to get confused. Are they shorts or jeans? And btw, what weather does this even work for? If it’s summer, your knees get sweaty and damp; if it’s winter, the NYC wind will beat at your knees until they crack and bleed. And no matter the weather, one nonchalant pull of a loose thread and you’re pantless in the middle of the street…NOT glam.

As for me, I’ll keep my rips relegated to the knees (with a couple dispersed throughout the leg) and leave my worn out Express jeans for clandestine appearances in my apartment. What about you? Are you rocking the bold and rugged look like Brandy? Sound off.




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