Let’s Hear It For The Boys! Part Two

Next up? The MOST SWAGGERFUL award goes to none other than Mr. West. He’s cocky, confident and any grown man that walks around with bookbags and teddy bears doesn’t care what you think about him…and isn’t that what we find so appealing? In an era where individuality often meets criticism and scrutiny, West’s one-of-a-kind, over-the-top style is edgy, brash and unapologetic…and we love him for it.  

Label love…The Louis-Vuitton Don in all his signature metallic glory

From the dashing black, white and red suit he wore to the VMA’s to the Cornel West meets Urkel meets Diddy look at the Thakoon show, it’s clear Kanye loves Fashion. And no matter what other rappers say (I’m talking to you Sigel!), he’s not afraid to show it (on his scalp, see below). 

Strange, maybe even crazy, but you have to respect his boldness! Wonder what Karl Lagerfeld had to say…


Smart and sharp at the Thakoon show.

And it doesn’t hurt to have designing beauty, Alexis Phifer, on his arm either (btw, I think Ghita is adorable). Now if only we’d get a preview of that Pastel line Ye keeps talking about…
T.I. for his extraordinary swag, but T.I.P.’s gotta go…
Jay-Z…so tall and lanky, his suit should thank him! But in the words of my friend Jey, you CAN wear skinny jeans because your debit card fits…
More awards (and sexy pics) on the way…
Photos: NYMag.com.

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